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June 9, 2009

An Ironic Tale

Shot in the back waters of Kerala, one of the most picturesque video and a great romantic song I have come across.

Sung by singer Aslam & Shibani (she features in the video), the song went on to become one of the greatest hits. I find it very amusing that the singer Aslam who sings the whole song was never heard or seen later and on the contrary Shibani who just sings two lines at the end of the song got all the popularity, went on to cut an album and sing in movies too.

I am not sure what exactly happen to the singer but cannot stop wondering about it. Find it very ironical that the person who should have made the most out of it went missing and the one who should not have (considering she sung only two lines) ended up making the most out of it.

Note: I guess some of the you have mistaken that the singer and the model in the album are the same, well they are not. The model in the album is Nakul Kapur while the singer name is Aslam who was never heard again as far as I know...


Shwetz said...

hey nice song out there... why havnt I heard of this before?

The guy featuring here is the same guy who has sung dat song right?
If so then this guy was seen in a movie few years back..Guess flop hogaya... n now he is out.. but he is good :)

Chriz said...

the hero and the singer are the same..

and nice location.. i studied in kerala.. felt good to see some exotic places

The Survivor said...

@ Shwetz & Chriz

The guy in the video is Nakul Kapur.

Yeah the location is too good!!

Anonymous said...

I have heard this song before, used to have a recording of it and loved it. What happened to that singer btw?

Rashmi said...

hey.. thats a nice video uve managed to dig out. it used to be aired on the music channels a long long time ago.... i loved the music though i did not think much about the acting... did not know that the other singer is shibani kashyap...

wonder what happened to nakul kapoor..

another video that used to come around the same time was 'tum aaye' . it was shot on a beach and showed the lofe cycle of a couple... loved that one too

Adisha said...

OMG !! I remember this song was sooo popular in it's time and it's always a pleasure to listen to :)

The Survivor said...

@ Choco

I am clueless, never heard about him after this song.

@ Rashmi

Its actually the singer who had presumably gone missing :)

Does not ring a bell, if you can say more about the video.

@ Adisha

Yeah, its even now to my ears :)

Winnie the poohi said...

This song was my fav for a long time! And that guy in the song is so dishy!! yummm!!

I guess its all luck no? this wasnt meant for him for long :)

Shruti said...

heyy I used to simply love this song.. and Nakul Kapoor too :P
Actually I really liked the girl in it too, lovely brown eyes and jet black hair :D thanks for relieving the memories :)
The singer disappeared.. fine.. but why did Nakul disappear too? :(

The Survivor said...

@ Winnie

Its still one of mine. I hope you are not planning to eat him :P

Yup, too bad that he was not able to cash one this one.

@ Shruti

The girl happens to be shibani kashyap. Anytime :)

His film flopped and he did not seem to have much on his hand. Went back to handle his family business. That should explain his disappearance.

Deepali said...

Use to love the song when it came out. Now it just get on my nerves. I think I just have heard it too many times.

Kerala in the video though is absolutely breathtaking.

The Survivor said...

@ Deepali

Its my ringtone for the time being.

Yup it is and I have never seen Kerala like this even though it happens to my native place.

Deepali said...

Haha thats the magic of 'touch-ups' isnt it? Add a little colour hear, delete a few things there :)

But I'd assume Kerala looks different in different seasons. Most people have told me that the best time to go there is during the rains.

The Survivor said...

I have been there during rainy season too but I havent come across backwaters yet :(

Deepali said...

Why? How come? Isnt that the main attraction there?

The Survivor said...

@ Deepali

Its a long story. I'll write a post on it, make sure you read it :)

Deepali said...

Haha will do...