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April 16, 2017

Jio Mere Laal

Everyday back from work or on my weekends, I used to be found by my family hiding my head behind my laptop probably watching a movie or simply surfing the internet.

You see thanks to television soaps which instead of progressing forward from the days of Nukkad, Dekh Bhai Dekh, Surabhi, etc went to the back old days of Kyu Ki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, Nagin and what not's...

Internet changed my life as I got introduced to the life of facebook, whatsapp, instagram, etc. Did I forgot to mention torrents which met with a fateful demise. I made sure that everyone knows about my 'happening' life by checking into facebook, uploading pics of places visited, Insta/snapchat stories Then again nothing comes for free.

If internet is free then data is certainly not. Data packs were exorbitant if you opt for the 3G plans. One ended up paying twice for data i.e., wi-fi at home and then another data pack for the mobile phones.

Even before 3G could make its presence felt, we had the arrival of 4G network in a very big way thanks to the Reliance Jio offering data free and unlimited voice calls for three months which they further extended.

Before the huge public lines outside the banks after the demonetization, they could have been found outside the reliance digital stores and yup they were not complaining.

I was not the early ones to get my hands on the free sim card then again if consumer is made the king then why not make use of it? I ended up getting one for myself.

With a Jio sim card in my hand, I wondered what to do next.... I then did the next best thing of downloading new apps, trying it out and then YouTube happened. I never used to download a single video even if someone whatapp'd it to me. With Jio, it was different.

 I think I have watched about 100+ videos by now and I never got bored. Its interesting to see people doing vlog when I believed only blogging existed.

Its like its a whole new world out there. People like you & me are making videos and putting it up there for everyone to watch. Some of them are real good. You can watch shows too that are available only online and they are devoid of the telly sagas sob stories.

Albeit like every good thing come to an end, this one too meet its fate as I am not going for a paid subscription. Don't think its worth it.

However in its fight to kills its competition, consumer ends up becoming the king with the data prices coming down and more free data offered.

In the end all I can say is Jio mere Laal!!

January 31, 2017

Solo Trip: Mumbai to Mangalore

"Sometimes the road you travel doesn't lead to the Destination you had hoped for. But if you can look back on the trip and Smile... Then it was Worth it."

I have owned my bike for three years and I will be honest that I have not used it till its full capacity. The only time I took it out for a ride outside mumbai was Lonavala (2yrs back) and then probably Sanpada. In case you are wondering why Sanpada, then it will require another blog post, so will save it for another day. 

Recently in the month of Dec, I gathered my courage and decided on my first solo trip from Mumbai to Nasik which was a 350 kms ride back and forth. I enjoyed my experience of the first solo trip which was started not knowing what to expect and turned one of the best moment of my life on my bike.

When another opportunity came up, I knew what my ride will be. However this was not going to be easy. You see this road trip was of a longer distance and apart from that family was reluctant to let me go knowing that biking is still consider dangerous by a majority of people.

However since I remained adamant given that I did not put much thought into it except the fact that I was excited on going on the road trip that required me to be on the road for days.

I was suppose to carry a tank bag but found it short for the luggage that I was carrying. Hence had to carry my shoulder bag.

Day 1: I was supposed to wake up at 5 and beat the morning traffic to get out of Mumbai. However thanks to my work responsibilities I ended up coming late to home and the next day woke up at 6 instead of 4:30. By the time I left home it was already 7. Filled up the tank and was ready to go my road. 

I was going to ride 2000 approx. kms and for that I decided to have a stop over at Belgaum on my way to Mangalore. This was going to be a 485 kms ride. I had to take the old mumbai pune highway and from there on to the pune bangalore highway on my way to belgaum.

I was completely dependent on the google maps for my destination. I have to say that they are not completely reliant as I found out that it showed the route through the expressway where bikes are not allowed. I will come back on this later.

The ride was enjoyable one. Sunrise never disappoints and no matter how many pics you take of it. It always feels different when you are clicking a snap from a different location. I think the best way to enjoy the nature is to take a road trip and see what nature has to offer. 

I ended up reaching my destination at 8 and checked in to my hotel. The dinner was courtesy of my friend whose native place is Belgaum and arranged it through his relative. Went back to sleep after making sure my phones, powerbank, etc., are fully charged.

Day 2: The only disappointment waking up in the morning was not getting a hot shower. Apparently the hot shower starts after 6 and I had to leave before that. So I packed my bags on my way to Mangalore which was around 450 kms away. 

Back on the Pune Bangalore highway with the night still out, it felt I was alone on the road with a truck or a bus passing by after a few distance. Thank god for the LED lights otherwise it would have been one hell of a slow ride. 

Thanks to the cold every time I would speed up I would get the chills and would have to slow down. The weird part, my riding jacket comes with a thermal wear and on getting it lined up with the jacket, I started to feel more cold than otherwise. Also wore my hand gloves for some part of the distance as cold was getting to my fingers.

I am thoughly not comfortable with my hand gloves for some reason when I ride with it, I face issues accelerating and applying the front brakes. So this time I was better without it.

I through enjoyed the state highway and then the ghats enroute. However there was a section of the road that kept me wondering what I was doing. The good thing however was that I found a group of riders who sped away on their high cc engines leaving me behind in a zap. This helped on my way to get my adrenaline rushing. I found them on both the days.

They even gave me a thumbs up which is considered as a sign of respect.

Finally I reached my hotel at around 5pm in the evening.

Day 3 : I had a day off as needed to get my work done. I again left at 5 am in the morning and revved up bike all the way. I have to say when you prepare for a trip you always leave out something that comes to haunt you back. 

In my case I took all the riding gear except for the bag and then I forgot the most important thing. Taking care of my butt which always becomes the first victim in long rides. I never thought about it even though I had experienced it in my lonavala, nasik trip. Somehow it still skipped my mind and gave me more pains than probably a waxing could.

My stops become frequent and then there were all kinds of thoughts eluding my mind even though my eyes were focused on the roads. It was like have a talk with yourself and asking yourself the purpose behind the trip. I found the gang of riders again which again helped.

I manage to check in my hotel by 6 at Belgaum and happened to take a quick nap before my friends call woke me up. He was in town and we met and again had dinner from his end. His relative owns a biryani shop and the mutton biryani is simply finger licking delicious.

Took some talcum powder to soothe my butt cheeks and hoped it helped. 

Day 4: I decided to leave at 6 so that I could get some rest. However that was not meant to be. Whenever I am in a new place, I end up getting up in the middle of the night every now and then. I think I was not able to get proper sleep due to it. That probably got me tired and exhausted more than I could.

Left the place and this day proved to be more grueling than my other days. This time I had thoughts of abandoning my trip. Don't ask me why but it did. My stops became more frequent and I was at a loss for continuing the journey to Mumbai. 

If you have read Paulo Coelho, The Pilgrimage you know what I mean. I had to battle the demons within and somehow managed to reach Lonavala and buy fudge and chikki for my sister. I think it was 3 in the afternoon. 

Post that I got lost in the ghat thanks to my GPS and yes bad directions from people. Luckily some people guided me to the right route  Even though I was nearby to reaching Mumbai, it certainly became a task to reach.

Finally have some pep talk with self, I ended up reaching home at around 8 pm. My family got elated to see me that we had a family group hug.

Even as I struggled with my journey, I wish to do it again as it certainly is an experience that I will never forget. Its never about arriving at the destination but the journey that matters...

This is just the begining.

Ride Safe. Be Safe.

January 2, 2017

2017: Bring It On

Another year gone by and yes I am wondering how soon it got passed by.

I know that this year I have blogged less than I should have. In fact there were moments or the urges to blog but the mind and the heart were in different places. Its like you want to blog but could not find the energy to do it. I almost wondered why.  

The year was like any other year except that few of the below things happened:

  • One of my close friend got married
  • I got a new job (badly needed one!!)
  • Got back with my old buddies
  • Did my first solo trip on the motorbike
  • Did many things for the first time that were out of my comfort zone.
I had this habit every new year, the first day of the year, I would read the horrorscope, put it up and hope that this year would go good. I used to do that but this year I am not going to do that.

You see last year I have learned a lot and yes one of them is living in the present. Trust me, there is nothing like living in the present. Reminds me of the dailogues from Master Oogway from Kungfu Panda if you know what I mean.
 Then there are times when you just need to go ahead with your gut feelings and do stuff because you want to make it happen. My solo roadtrip was a culmination of it. I was going to do a post on it at least had thought of doing it but did not :(

Feel older when people start saying you are older than me. Seriously from when did age started to coming in between unless you plan to marry someone. I never did that to anyone but it seems people take age pretty serious. So whenever anyone says that, my next question is are you planning to marry me? Its like they are going to stay young forever as they have found the fountain of youth.

When talk of marriage, Salman Khan is not the only one dodging questions about it. I am also at the receiving end especially when certain of my friends surprised me by getting married. What is this fixation of marriage other people have that they cannot bear you to be seen single. Don't they want me to be happy?
All I can say is everything falls in place when the time is right.
I hope to blog more. You see I have been blogging since 2007 and that's like 9 years something that has kept me going on. I know that most of the people that I know have stopped blogging, guess other priorities taken over. I hate to see that...

This right here is my space to freedom and I don't ever want to give up on that.

Neither should you. So this year do what makes you happy and go for it. Don't procrastinate it. Don't give yourself excuses for not doing what you really desire. Never let your yourself think what if I had tried.

Just Do It.

Trust me, its always better to try then never at all.

Hope this new year brings all your wishes come true.

"Dont Dream It. Live It"