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Life is unfair
and everyone struggles
but let's not make that an excuse

August 10, 2016


It feels good to be here again. It’s like finding my voice again.

The good news I am at a new workplace now given that I have been trying to move on for quiet sometime.

Good thing about it that I get to meet to people from various backgrounds and interact with them. Something that my previous job did not allowed given that it was restricted to the corporate environment only.

In my previous job, I had people chasing me. In this I have been chasing people and yes they are giving me a tough time. Phew!!

I have met people from various backgrounds and one of them happened to be a tea stall owner. One of the things that I learned from him that there is a handwritten keyboard that allows one to type text in their handset. Something I was not aware of. The interaction was good as he was all ears for what I had to say.

If one starts judging people by what they have and not by what they are, you will never know what lies beneath them. Sometimes people open up that one ends up having a great conversation.

My work took me to a hospital and in the basement where I believe where very few people have access. I was shown nails stuck on the ceiling due to the magnetic force of the MRI machine on the above floor. One has to see it to believe it.

I ended up having a chat with my Uber driver who seemed too young for his age which he said to me. He regularly watched Crime Patrol. Needless to say I never said I watch it too!!

Hope to make my presence here more J

February 7, 2016

Yeh Hain Bambai Meri Jaan

Who said competition is a bad thing? Sometimes it brings out the best in you when you are challenged.

I had this habit of drinking tea at the tapari during the breaks. However thanks to the quality of tea at the tapari, I ended up giving up on my chai and have been sober for around four years now.

This one day, out on my break outside the office with my colleagues, shouts can be heard about people passing by for a tea. We were too and yes that got my attention on what happened overnight that they had to resort marketing their chai.

It took a while but came to know that there was a new chaiwala who had setup shop nearby that threaten the monopoly of our existing chaiwala. The newbie chai was good and it was no wonder that the existing one decided to put in more milk in his chai.

At the end of the day, its a win-win for the chai drinking people :)

There are certain things which one sees to happen only in Bombay and no place else. 

One must have seen owners walking down the streets with their dogs or if you got up early morning, you can also see the cows and buffalo's on the streets on their morning walks.

Then again what about goats? Have you seen them around being taken for a walk. I certainly have seen them been taken around like they are dogs and its a sight to watch...

A railway station can be a great place to observe human behaviour at its best as people rush in rush out to reach their destination.

I was one who was made to wait by a colleague at a railway ticket counter recently and three incidents amused me as I stood there waiting.

A tall guy who apparently seemed intoxicated got slapped by a guy much shorter when he meddled in a conversation with his family. 

A girl with a backless short dress certainly got the attention of the male passengers who awaited in the queue to take ticket and then vanished into the crowd. I admire her courage as it requires walk the talk...

I never thought waiting at a ticket counter would lead to such observations given that I was at one of the busiest railway station then again there is always someone to break the barriers something that one thought never happened.

There was PDA display happening behind one of the pillars of the station and the couple were not your college going kids but someone much older who just could not keep their hands off with each other. 

It only gets you thinking right!!

I guess if you pay attention to the world outside, you will be able to see things that you once thought were only imaginary...

January 15, 2016

I Like You

Rahil was listening her speak on the other side of the phone as he was gathering courage telling Deepa about something that was bothering him.

His heart beat got faster as he paced up and down. As the voice felt silent on the other end, he blurted out “I like you. I like spending time with you”.

She too reciprocated his feelings. Later she told him that her family was in talks for her marriage. He almost stopped telling her he would like to marry her but held himself back.

Silence had crept in as he struggled to get the words out of his mouth. While she wondered on the other end by asking “what happened”.

The awkwardness of the situation went away as they talked it out.

As Rahil kept the phone down he wondered about circumstances being different.

All he could think about was letting her know about his feelings but he knew deep down probably it was best to keep things as it is instead of putting a yes or no question to their relationship.

Meanwhile, Deepa laid on her bed and the thought of him holding himself back intrigued her.