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July 8, 2017

Old People

I am reminded of an image of me running away from my grandmother. My grandmother was not keeping well and mom had brought her home to take care of her. Within a few days she had passed away.

She was the last one of my family that I recollect was the oldest among our family. Post that I have met old people among my relatives but hardly any time spent with them.

However a year back, all this changed as I interacted with more of people from older generations, some who were born before India had got its Independence.

I have met almost all kind of people, some who would be open to you, some cranky and then there are people who would like to create a fuss every time so that one pays attention to them.

Its not wrong to say that old age is another form of childhood in itself. I have seen that happen. One thing they like to do is either talk a lot or keep quiet. The one who keeps talking reflects the loneliness that has come up on them. With them, time could just pass by.

There are people who take stock of the situation and handle it pretty well like an adult. Then there are some who are just waiting for their time to come.

I never had grandparents or older people to talk to. When I interact with them, its quite a learning and yes good too as they have the experience that you and I don't. Sometimes I would fail to understand why people would like their parents to live alone on their own while they live with their own family abroad. Old age is an age when a child needs to take care of their parents like they did when we were child. Not everyone does that.

I hope everyone of us is able to take the time out to interact with them, make them feel alive as one knows the clock is ticking. One will never know when you lost your chance. Time is precious.

As a old lady gave a parting shot to me. I was born in Karachi, because of which my family calls me a terrorist. :)

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