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January 1, 2014

The Year That Was

With each passing of the year one realizes how fast time flies by. Another year gone by and I am counting the days as the end of the year comes by.

The year marks a lot of personal highs and lows too. Work wise it’s good given that I am a recovering workaholic.

I still don’t get it when it comes to personal chores I am lazy and unwillingly to move but when it comes to work I will be following up for so many things giving people a hard time.

The learning has been tremendous both personally and professionally.

Change has been an endeavor of mine for a long time but it’s not easy to accommodate and adjust to change. It takes time and is definitely not easy.

Had my own goals which I followed to the din but now have given up on them and going with the flow of life. Living life as it comes. Understand that there is something called fate/karma. Que sera sera.

It’s when you start holding things too tightly to yourself that you forget what others have to give and things may not be as it seems. Letting go of fears and getting out of the comfort zone is to explore the side that one does not know about them.

As each year passes by, time goes by and we look back and wonder if things could have been different. Then again no one can change the past but only the present and the future.

So live wisely…


Mirage said...

Carpe Diem my friend! I know its cliched but thts the only thing thts in our hands - our future!

BTW, you have been blogrolled :)

Tall Guy said...