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August 11, 2013

The Moral Dilemma

 “To be or not to be” is a question that we tend to have asked ourselves a lot of time when put into situations that requires decisions to be made.

As a child, we are taught the importance of saying the truth. How it’s bad to say lies, steal and do things that harm others intentionally among other values that are taught.

Somehow that stick of moral values which is so upright during one’s upbringing tends to fickle as one enters into the realms of reality as one grows up.

It all comes to do the choices one make and how well the repercussions have been understood to forgo the value of what was taught years ago as “right” 

There may be a few who would stay strong to overcome the greed of short-term gain and there will others who would have fallen prey to such vices as they find themselves embroiled in the materialistic world and would go to any extent to have things go their way.

Moral values does teaches one the right thing to do and how one can lead a upright life and save oneself from the agony of taking wrong decisions which can mess up one’s life.

At the same time, one also needs to question on the practicality of it in reality which we all know cannot be followed all the time. Its only when one finds themselves in a position of such an implication, do they brood over this moral dilemma.

To know the decisions that one makes can best be left to individual choices and the situations that leads to them to take the high road or otherwise.

It’s quite odd though that even after arriving at a decision, one cannot help but wonder what if they had made the other choice? Something that one will never know its outcome as each decision has their pros and cons.

Have you faced any such situations where your heart did not agreed with your mind? Feel free to share.


Rakesh Vanamali said...

I've had plenty of such instances.... in the end, i seek wisdom for the best to happen!

Good write!

Tall Guy said...

@ Rakesh

Good to see you here bro.