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April 21, 2013

Do You Know Your God?

I wonder how much do we know about our God about which we hear through folk stories that has been passed down the generation as part of the Indian culture.

Would It surprised you when you come across story that makes the same God act immorally in order to have advantage over the demons that threaten their prowess.

Came across one such story which makes me wonder if at all God to whom we worship are no different than us humans, who make mistakes and then make amends.
Of late, have been watching Devon Ke Dev Mahadev soap on TV, when I came across the story of Jalandhar.
Had never heard of the story before but did wonder if it’s the same name of the place in Punjab.

The weird part of the story was that a win over the demon could only be possible when the chastity of his wife, devoted to Lord Vishnu was broken. For which, Lord Vishnu appear before her in the disguise of her husband. You can read more about it at this link.

The demon was defeated after that. The question that arises is the way and the length Gods went to win the war. Is it acceptable? Does that mean that everything is fair in the game of life if you are trying to win it?

It also makes me question Indra, the god of the Gods, who has done most of the vices done by humans. Yet he continues to remain the God that he is.

I guess questions are all that I have which is in need of answers. If you have any, please do share your thoughts.


Shruti said...

As I grew up listening to tales of gods from mom, I started questioning many of them. Mom said I mustn't question. So I completely stopped discussing and arguing about Gods. A believer, I am. But I don't know how much spice has been added to the tales we see on TV. Just because I think its rude to ridicule, I ignore. Seems like the more correct thing to do!

Tall Guy said...

@ Shruti

Welcome to the Den of the Tall Guy

You are getting it wrong. Asking question is to know things and understand them better.

To believe in God, one needs to have blind faith. How does one develop that? By asking question that shows god does exist :)

The point is not to be ridicule, but to understand the Indian culture and the stories that have been around ages and understand if there is a learning behind it....

Anonymous said...

Questioning God-ly stuff, seriously, I don't have any answers!

Well, But your point is right. All the stories we see in TV/read portrays one thing for sure, usually a devil is granted a boon by pleasing one God, while the other tricks and destroys him,- which as you said, making mistakes and amends. Of course we don't know how much of the stories are true, and how many are n number of version adapted from the real incidents.

And bdw, even if you get an answer for that, how much you think that will authentic, or for real? The answer X gives might satisfy your questions, but not mine, maybe coz I need to be more convinced? Haan ye baat alag hai, ki we are all in quest of getting at least an answer, a true one.