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January 1, 2012

Self Help Books

I am pretty sure that everyone must have read at least one book on self help whose purpose is to guide you to become what you desire to be and most of the times it is to be successful.

I have gone through my share of self help books which believe me more than helping out has only ended up confusing me more about how can one make themselves to be successful.

They all speak of the ways of life that needs to be followed. The path that other people had taken and the choices people made when they came across difficult situations and how they triumphant over it.

To be honest, to read such books and implementing them in one’s life can only be detrimental if one is not clear about what one is looking for.

After going through many self help books, I can only conclude that they make a good read but not for implementation purpose if one is looking for changes in their life one way or another.

I think that when one decides to bring change or work towards bringing changes to themselves or towards others/situation, they need to be honest about it. Truth be told, we should not forget that we are born as humans and not machines where we are trying to perfect our skills so that it could lead to accomplishment of certain goals.

We are born as humans, to live life, experience life and to lose that in our pursuit of our desires to succeed or to be just to see one live a good life is not worth it because every action/thought has a consequence and we should stay aware of the choices that we make.

My own experiences with these books have not been good. I am one who always looks to trying new things but to keep the focus going is hard to maintain. No matter how many books I read to keep myself going, it won’t happens unless I am determined to do so. So in the end it only tells you what one knew in the first place.

The way to get out of that habit is something that cannot be taught and has to be learned as everyone is different and unique in their own ways and have to find a way where they can adapt, learn and apply the changes one wants to see.

Self help books can guide one that yes it’s possible to overcome the challenges that one face in one’s life. It’s up to one how they take it and bring those changes in their life. Only a determined soul will be able to overcome the barriers.

If you are planning to buy a self help book for such a reason, don’t waste your money. You already know what is bogging you down, you just need to find a way to beat it and you certainly can….


Rakesh Vanamali said...

I completely agree with your point of view.

Remember Dale Carnegie? He wrote a few of these kinds and then killed himself!!!! So much for that!!!

Anyhow, thank you very much for your kind and thoughtful wishes.

Redefining Oblivion wishes you a Very Happy, Healthy, Prosperous and Purposeful 2012, and beyond.

Grayquill said...

I think you are on to something. But if it catches on, will you feel guilt for costing all those self help authors, poverty? Something to think about.

Rashmi said...

Agree completely. These books are good to read but difficult to implement..

And however good the book is unless we ourselves have the courage and the willpower to change, nothing will help.

But somehow, if you get a change, do read the teachig in the Gita. Amazing perspective. Wont change you, but will definitely change the way we look at things..

Take care. :)

Sh@s said...

I used to read them when i was in school. These books can only tell you the possible ways of handling the situation and it may or may not work for you. So, just follow your instincts, I would say.

rauf said...

haven't read any, some one gave me 'windows for dummies' This was when windows 95 was introduced. i would have read a couple of pages before deciding to learn by myself. i normally avoid preachy kind of books.

meena iyer said...

I agree with Rauf. I hate these self help books . I know many think these as inspiring. I cant stand reading them.

May be I am wrong.. if it works for someone.. gr8 for them! It never works for me.

Tall Guy said...

@ Rakesh

Did not know that he killed himself, things cannot be taught it has to be learned with a will.


I don't think that's gonna happen. There are enough poor souls out in the world who will read their books until realization finally dawn upon them.

Tall Guy said...

@ Rashmi

Nicely put. Good to see you around.

@ Shas

Very true. then again it does not comes with a disclaimer on the same :)

Tall Guy said...

@ Rauf

Its good to see you around here. Hope you are doing and keeping well.

I guess practicality matters for you.

@ Meena

Well it certainly gives ones the option but never really the way to implement it.