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July 10, 2011

Taking a Step Back

Hardly any time for myself these days. Not that I enjoy it but yes it does leaves me wondering what I am doing?

I guess everyone remembers my rants of being a workaholic and guess what it still give me a high then again it’s something that I have cut back on.

One of the things you might find surprising is that I actually waited for around six years to do something that I wanted to do so badly.  The reason for not doing was that I was too busy with my own life to reach my goals which apparently is still on the works.

I am going to be honest that I am a man of ambition or more like passionate about the things that I do. I guess I am starting to realize that a 9 to 5 job is not for me. Just because one is suppose to earn for a living. Need to be at a place which gives you that satisfaction and also pursue other things in life. I know it’s a hard one to find.

Other than that, I realize that I have a tendency to hold myself back. Its silly that sometimes even when one their facts, they still end up doing the same thing in such situations. I am not quite sure what need to be done here.

Uncertainty in life is one thing that I have hated the most. I realize that one cannot do anything about it, that sometimes even when you do the right things, its not necessary that everything could work out. I guess its better to go with the flow of life then keep asking question of why’s and what’s which never gets answered….

I know that the post might be a little gibberish but that’s how I feel right now. Sometimes been all by yourself is not such a bad thing at all.

P.S. Surprised that my post on Childhood is one of the highest viewed post on this blog, glad you all liked it so much.


Grayquill said...

I have noticed my hardest choices are the gray ones, the ones between two or three choices that are all good. The key is once a choice has been made, then doing all that I can to make it into a great choice and not look back. Interesting post.

Winnie the poohi said...

I m a drifter.. nd wasnt ambitious at all.. but nowadays am feeling stirrings of it n it surprises me..

And from someone who hardly ever works.. i have become someone who asks for more work :P

Anyhow.. I still like the whys n whynots.. they amuse me.. and gives something to write about if nothing else :P