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August 28, 2009

Mom's Nightmare

She kept pushing; still the doctor kept saying push a little harder. She took a deep breath and then gave the push with her hands holding the sides of the bed tightly. “The head is out” the doctor exclaimed, keep pushing he continued.

She kept pushing until the whole body was out. The doctor holding the child informed the mother it was a boy, by then she was already exhausted but the news did make her happy, as she felt her prayers were answered.

She had prayed for a boy this time to Lord Ganesha to complete her family. What she did not know that she was going to regret that later in the life and keep reminding the boy of the same. Apparently the boy was born on Ananth Chaturdashi of Ganeshotsav.

He was the only boy to be born that day in the hospital. He had grown up drinking buffalo’s milk as his mother found herself back in the hospital after coming home from the delivery. It is said that the boy is lucky that his mother survived to live and tell the tale.

What was among the rumors that he might have picked up the habits of the buffalo, but drinking buffalo’s milk often prevented him from getting into fights when anyone challenged him for one saying “Maa ka dhooth piya hain toh samane aa” (if you had drink your mother’s milk, than come forward) and he would then walk off saying bhais ka dhood piya (I had buffalo's milk) and turn his foes into friends.

Growing up the boy gave the early signs of humans being related to chimpanzee as he would be often found sitting on the top of the cupboards and climbing the walls (with the help of his back & legs) between the passages that was used for entering the rooms.

His mother can still recall how he made her living almost miserable with all his antics, the list of complaints that others would have. His aunt could very well open the Pandora’s Box when the child’s name is mentioned. He even made her run behind him, he thinks that she should be thankful to him for losing weight in the process.

There have been so many feats that could be recalled about the boy. He broke the refrigerator’s door when he was being chased by the SisterHood Clan. Wasted a whole container of flour by raising it above his head, turning it upside down and getting hurt in the process. Got his head stuck in the window grill as he was showcasing his skills. Started a small fire in the house which was quickly doused off. He still thinks that his best act was when he broke the tube light with his badminton racket as he played an indoor badminton game in the hall. His name is associated with the highest number of bizarre incidents in the Family Book of Records.

The boy had a good side too. He was one of the early ones who started praying to god and doing an aarti as he tried to imitate his elders.

He also started shaving early as he wanted to grow big, later he realized that he was been fooled as the shaving kit turned out to be a toy given by his Dad. The boy showed his early signs of dealing with money by asking for pocket money a trend that he started in the family.

He even invented the “paper ball cricket” (which involved the ball made of papers and tied by rubber band and the bat is made of cardboard) in which the sisterhood clan also took part.

Being the youngest and living with the sisterhood clan he would always have to listen as everyone around him were speaking 16215 words per day while he could just utter 15669 per day. No wonder when he grew up, he was quite a listener!!

He was also told by the clan that he was the “adopted” one but he knew it was one of their tactics to distract him from his mission. He has the family rabbit tooth that refutes their claim.

As he grew up, he was often seen lost in deep thought trying to understand the world, the universe and in the process gain wisdom and wished to become a saint. He wanted to take sanyas but he was aware of his responsibilities. So he decided to do the next best thing of becoming a Cyber Yogi Baba (Hamari Koi Branches Nahi Hain)

He was aware that he had caused too much pain to his mother when he was growing up. So he decided to ask her how to make up for it. He asked her to tell him “the one thing that would make her happy and proud of her son”. She replied that she did not want anything for herself and the only thing that she wanted was the boy to be happy.

The boy was stumped, all his wisdom could not help him decipher what she meant. It was only by trial and error method did he came to know that what she actually meant.

That would be to cause less trouble or be good in hiding them from her and taking good care of her. The boy took pains to do avoid getting in trouble (still trouble has a way of finding him, after all they are friends). As a result of which he would often hear the much stated phrase once in a blue moon.

Somehow the boy thinks that it’s his mother’s fault as she should have been clear on what she wanted from Lord Ganesha, did she forget that he himself was a mischievous child (I am not his reincarnation).

P.S. In case you are wondering what prompted this post, well today is the day when her nightmare began and shows no signs of ending…


Adisha said...

Hehehe. Is it your birthday ?? :D ;)

Well, this was a good one, truly. The similarities drawn between the boy and various animals and such are really cute.. most boys are that way no ?? :D

Anonymous said...

A very Happy Birthday to you..

This was the cutest birthday post ever. Hugs to your mom.(She deserves it for having had to put up with such a clearly self professed naughty child) :)

Viji said...

happy that I stopped by :) Good one!

Shwetz said...

hahaha.. this is hillarious!! Ur birthday falls on Ananth Chaturdashi kya!?

Memories are awesome to remember! and this sounds fun .. really!

Grayquill said...

Hmmm...aren't you the naughty one? As I read the story I pictured a smart and curious little guy who was very normal but who has all he needs to bless his mother. I am sure he will make his mother proud.
Good job.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Belated birthday wishes! I'm sure you are less of a nightmare in comparison to me!

Have a wonderful year ahead!

God Bless

Sunil said...

Happy Birthday to my dear friend.
I'm really sorry for being late here.
May this b'day bring loads of happiness to you & your family.

The Survivor said...

@ Adisha

Yup, it was. I guess so :)

@ Choco

Thanks. :)

@ Viji

Thanks for stopping by

@ Shwetz

It did when I was born. It really does!!

@ Grayquill

I hope I can

@ Rakesh

Would like to hear about that. Thanks Mate

@ Sunil

Thanks Mate, and yes its good to see you back again

Winnie the poohi said...

happy belated bday :D :D

The Survivor said...

@ Winnie

Thanks for the wishes and good to see you back here