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July 31, 2009

The SisterHood Clan

Born and bought up in one of the flats in Bombay, they went to rule the place. This is the story about the Sisterhood Clan with whom no one messed.

The place ran according to their whims and fancies. They always had their way as they had the power, the power of five. The only way to become a member of the clan was to be the female gender and be related by birth.

Their luck was going to run out soon. They were going to be part of the history. It was the beginning of the end. The prophecy was out there on the wall. The birth of a boy in the family was going to change everything.

The Sisterhood Clan was aware of the prophecy; so they started wielding their power on him. They made him do things that he won’t do. They tried to turn him a member of their clan. They had put earring into his ears, a bindi on his forehead and a pony out of his short hair. The only thing they could find was a dress of his size. The manhood in him survived that day.

That was not the end. They tried to expose him when he came out after a bath wearing only a towel. They laid a trap to call him in the hall to find something. As he went on the search, without knowing behind his back an effort was made to pull the towel with a camera ready for the click. The boy knew how to tie strong knots so the towel did not gave in. To make fun of him they even gifted him a pair of inner vest and underwear on his birthday.

The kid being divine never complained, accepted everything with a smile. To maintain their control over him, they decided to make him pay “protection money” every year and that too to each member of the Sisterhood Clan.

To make everything look legitimate they tied a Rakhi across his wrist and in return he would hand out the money. No body found it suspicious. Being the youngest in the family he could have chose not to give in, but there was a time for the end to come and so he obliged.

As the kid grew and mingled with the Sisterhood clan, they found it hard to hold back their emotions and the affection that was developing among them but no one dare to talk about it.

The boy’s charisma had the clan in awe. He was treated with love and affection by each member of the clan. They accepted the boy in their fold and the clan ceased to exist. Each one of them vowed to protect the boy when he would need their help. The boy too promised to help them in their need but mostly in their tasks which turned out to be a day to day affair.

The tradition of Raksha Bandhan is still followed today and the money handed out in return for the rakhi tied. Only now it represents the affection of a sister and the money a token of gift from a brother.

The boy is none than me who put an end to the Dangerous Sisterhood Clan without any fights :)))))))

Let me give a brief description of each member of the Sisterhood Clan who helped me learned the ways of life (I was going to write a book soon on how understand a women and put an end to the guys misery, but they made me promise not to reveal the secrets of women).

Sister I: She was the "Ringleader" of the Sisterhood Clan. She was the one responsible behind all the harassment & pranks played on me. Nowadays, the only thing she wants is to see me get married. One must have heard about the “list”.

Sister II: The “Talented”. She taught me all the tricks of the trade. She is so talented and could learn anything that she wants. I picked up that trick from her. I used to act as her assistant and she as my boss. I happen to have sign a non-disclosure agreement so cannot reveal much.

Sister III: The “Book Keeper”. Everything that she did was by the book, so much so that almost everyone got influenced and they began to read books. Thick and heavy books which I thought were meant to use as means of weapon in a fight, now I end up reading them.

Sister IV: The “Loudspeaker” who would warn if someone was coming when they were pulling their tricks on me. She still likes to believe that I was born to serve her. Her favorite line is “What have you done for me?” The irony is I do end up serving her. She is the one who is responsible for me developing so much patience.

Sister V: The “Kid” of the clan, she would run errands for them. For her my phone no. is the IT helpline no. which she dials every time any of her gadgets starts acting weird. I also end up being a counselor and at times polishing my skills of being a “pakav” (boring) on her.


Grayquill said...

Very well told! - I found it entertaining and funny. Just at thought...just maybe you are not as independent as you think. I think the sister clan fooled you...they are still in control. HA!

Bharathi said...

Well narrated post pal. I enjoyed it.

sujata said...

Thats one of your best posts!!enjoyed thoroughly and so grippingly narrated!!

Deepali said...

Hehe nicely written.

How many of them married already? Must be difficult to have grown up with them and not having them (the married ones) around.

Anonymous said...

Wow..I agree with the person above...This is one of your best posts! So very well narrated.
The sisterhood clan will be so proud of you! :)

Rakesh Vanamali said...

lol! Very well written.....one can read the warm camaraderie that prevails among you!

Chriz said...

wonderful .. u are a survivor indeed

Tarun Goel said...

Sisterhood Clan was, indeed a nice read :)

The Survivor said...

@ Grayquill

Thanks. Yeah even I think so...

@ Bharati

Thanks Mate

@ Sujata

Glad that you liked it, Thanks

@ Deepali

Tell me about it. I waiting to get liberated and then find myself chained again for life :P

@ Choco

Thanks. I think they would surprise

The Survivor said...

@ Rakesh

Thanks Mate

@ Chriz

Finally someone understood the pain :D

@ Tarun

Welcome to LIFE

Thanks Mate

Anonymous said...

Awww this one deserves to be published :) Love this post!!! Hats off to the clan - I have my sympathies with them, little did they know the boy they made a pony tail for will grow up to reveal their secrets on his blog :)

My favorite post here!!! Best wishes to you all :)

The Survivor said...


Hats off to the clan? I am confused.

Thanks for your wishes.