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July 20, 2009

Tagged: Seven Wierd Things About Me

It was raining tags and awards on the other blogs that I keep visiting, still the weather was warm and sunny during the day and cold in the night at my blog. I was caught unawares when Shewtz decided to send some tag clouds over to my blog. I could do nothing but let the tag rain.

Here are the seven weird things about me that you don't know:

Collection of Chocolate Wrappers: I have a large collection of chocolate wrappers. I am not chocolate lover but I do collect the wrappers. I also have collection of key chains and calendar cards. The only one active is the chocolate one. Read this post to know more.

Junkie: I am already preparing myself to keep busy with junk that I collect and hope to put some good use after my retirement (which has a very long way to go). Here is a snap of some of the junk I have. The only thing that I have created something is a fighter plane that was made from the wood chunks that I found on the terrace as a kid.

Gory Stuff Make Me Laugh: I find gory stuff funny something that others don’t.. I loved the scene in the movie ring (the Japanese version) where the girl comes out of the TV set. For that matter the scene in the movie Saathiya where Rani Mukherjee accident takes place, I found myself laughing amused by the way the accident takes place and so fast.

Adding Numbers: I picked up the habit of adding numbers on the number plates of the vehicles plying on the road when I used to walk to home from classes, due to boredom. The result of that act resulted in that I can add up numbers really fast and other things too.

Reading Newspaper Twice a Day: I read newspaper twice a day. Sometimes when I have nothing to do, I just go through it once again. On Sundays, I do it anyways as I keep some articles for later reading.

Watching Movies: I can sit and watch movies all day thanks to Star, HBO, Pix, Zee Studio and now WB channels. Sometimes I even watch them from in between or watch two movies simultaneously. Till now, I have watched three movies at one go.

Perfectionist: Yup I have the perfectionist keeda in me. If something is not done the way it should have been, it causes stress to me unless set right!!

I am sending this tag cloud to Rashmi, Deepali, Adisha & Chriz

Gals & Mate, Have Fun :))


Shwetz said...

"Gory Stuff Make Me Laugh"
heeehee I tried recalling that scene and I think I wudnt have laughed if u hadnt mentioned about this! :P

Perfectionist ka keeda even I have which my friends dislike! :(

hehee.. I collect those bubblegum tatoos! :P (top secret)


Grayquill said...

The license plate adding is brilliant and neurotic . No...The perfectionist is neurotic. All the rest are pretty normal; except of course the movie thing …oh yeah the candy thing. The junk, one word EBay. Newspaper reading even once is definitely weird, and the gore, hmmm…you got me on that one, I got nothing.

Choco said...

Oh wow...You sound adorable...Such cute weirdness...:)
Adding numbers of plates, reading the papers...lol..
& now I know where my hair clutches are disappearing to! Mujhe mere clip wapas dede takur!!!

& psst: I laughed my head off when I saw movies like brain dead and evil dead many many years back...Hmmm have to go watch some horror flicks now for a good laugh!

Ps: Loved your tag..Will tag ya next time I (god forbid) get one :)

♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

nice post.. but watching movies, being a perfectionist readin the paper twice isnt wierd
my teacher buys 6 papers on sundays!
i used to collect empty refills :P

great tag! very well done! :)

Adisha said...

Nice post ... gREAT to know the weirdness in you ... Will take this up soon ... :D

Deepali said...

If you want a laughter filled day, you can check out Final Destination lol.

Also if TOI is the paper you read, you should check out the Times Trends section (next to the editorial page). It's my fav part of the paper :)

Tag completed :)

Rakesh Vanamali said...


Appy said...

Just landed on your blog , and liked it. This post in particular, is real fun!
Keep writing,

The Survivor said...

@ Shwetz

:D Don't like to watch movies?

@ Grayquill

Guess that makes me weird too :D

@ Choco

Come and get it :P There are hardly any horror movies these days. Thanks.

@ Harini

Thanks. 6 papers in one day? Wow!!

So what do you do with them?

@ Adisha

Thanks :) Let see how you do go with it

@ Deepali

There was not much gory stuff in that.

Yup, that the paper I read :) I like the Sunday times the most.

Thanks. I'll check it out.

@ Rakesh

Thanks Mate

The Survivor said...

@ Appy

Welcome to LIFE

Glad that you find it good. Hope to see you back soon.