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March 20, 2009

The Wrapper Collection

WOW!! That is the word that comes to my mind when I decided to spread out my collection of chocolate wrappers.

I am not a chocolate lover but yes I do collect chocolate wrappers. I got into this habit when the dairy milk bar used to have vintage cars on their covers as a child. I had a good collection of different cars which was thrown away.

I don't remember when I started collecting different wrappers but it is something that I have continued to till this day. Some of the wrappers are out of production. I even have the smallest dairy milk wrapper which I got through one of my friends.

I have never spend on chocolates at least never brought them for myself though I do buy mint like polo. Still never thought I would have such a large collection. Guess I should thank my sisters, friends and my office for all the chocolates that I got.

I hope that someday, I might get a good price for them and I could make a good fortune

See day dreaming helps you to be happy :D


Winnie the poohi said...

You making me go all drool out here! If only it was on my desk and wasnt just wrappers :D :D

Am a sucker for chocolates more so if its gifted to me :D I hardly buy any.. unless I am buying it for others and they share with me ;)

Yogesh said...

@ Winnie

I hope you are not getting hungry :D

Deepali said...

I have a key chain collection but I stopped adding to it about 3 years or so ago. Nothing huge but still way more than an average person would have. Everyone finds its strange that I collect something like that. I must admit your collection is ummmm 'more strange'. Never heard of anyone collecting chocolate wrappers. It's all good.

I don't remember dairy milk having vintage cars on the wrapper. It would have been very interesting if you had those still. Well no use crying over spilled milk I guess.

Hehe the good thing is your collection doesn't cost you :)

Yogesh said...

@ Deepali

I too have a key chain collection which I collected as a school kid. Not much into it now.

They used to have those, it was way before the choco mania craze it started where one used to get funny items in return for cadbury wrappers.

Yup :) that's true!!

Anonymous said...

Whaa!!!!you are right..I do not remember seeing the yellow perk..or the yellow 5 star...
Damn! I am hungry now....