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June 21, 2009


The first time when I heard someone saying “suicide” was during my class tenth, when one of my friends told me that one of our classmates had committed suicide. That guy used to sit besides me. I wondered what prompted him to take such a drastic step even as the results were still to be declared.

The thought evaporated over the years but comes back as I read or hear about people committing suicides through the newspapers or news channel. The number of people committing suicicdes has gone up and some of the reasons may even baffle you.

Growing up, we are all taught the winning ways but are left alone when faced with a setback. Has the society reached to such a level that failures are simply not acceptable? As it is said “Success has many fathers, Failure has none”.

Committing Suicide is like taking the easy way out. Not facing the people who keep reminding you that you have failed, lost your job, are unemployed and other numerous taunts that becomes unbearable for some.

Has the tolerance level of today’s individual’s stoop so low that they just cannot accept failure and try again?

No one can really understand the predicament of such an individual who contemplates such thoughts or is it that we never try to when they try to reach us out?

People today have become so closed-up that some of them actually think twice before they lay their bare chest open. The love between the family members, friends and others are hardly shown and are kept for occasions only. It needs to be shown everyday in forms of hugs, words and support to show that there are people who care for you so that they can reach out to them when they need the support and help.

No wonder it leaves many people stumped when they hear someone they knew commit suicide as they had never saw it coming. Suicides by celebrities evoked the same shock as behind the glam life; one could never see the true emotions hidden behind the face.

The truth is, there are always signs to see if one can observe it, an individual who thinks about taking such a drastic step often shows withdrawal symptoms which is in contrast to their personalities.

Life is all about living and not about running away when one finds themselves in troubled waters. We need to learn living through our bad times as we do in our good times. Nothing lasts forever. It’s just a phase which either makes you realize something you haven’t or gives you enough strength so that you can bounce back, but for that to happen one has to try.

Problems come and go, but life once gone cannot come back again. Before taking that big step, one should think about their loved ones and what would they be put up through…


Anonymous said...

"Success has many fathers, Failure has none"
This was such a deep post Survivor and so true!
In today's world only one saying holds true it seems-To each his own!

sujata said...

problems do come and go but once life is gone..theres no coming back..thats a very good line.Keep writing.

Adisha said...

Such a nice post !!! I so feel for those people who don't have themselves and life another chance. Nothing is as hopeless as to take your own life ...

You are right , there are signs but the fact of the matter is that most people who talk about it , never do it and those who do, never talk about it ... If only they would reach out just once, to someone who cares. That is why I believe in people sharing everything ... families too would be more supportive, if only parents realized that play is as important as prize in today's world.. the impression given out is success is what matters ,whereas every person has people who love them irrespective of their accomplishments ...

I wish people gave one thought to those they'd leave behind ... and choose to live rather than ...

Shwetz said...


We always talk about people taking such drastic steps. We complain how bad, illogical and stupid it is to kill our own self. All said and done, how many of us really sympathize with the ones who do not succeed!? Actually its we who differentiate between the successful and unsuccessful. Isnt it upto the individual to decide it for themselves? Each of us have certain objectives set.. when we achieve it, we succeed. I wouldnt like it if my neighbor would decide what is success for me.

The society in which we live follows altogether a view. Success to them means turning into BILL GATES or SACHIN TENDULKAR or AAMIR KHAN overnight. These people had their objectives and they achieved it. For us, if a student fails, then it is like it has committed a grave mistake. Parents (a few of them) even criticize them and compare with their classmates. Damn.. When the hell will people realize that SUCCESS doesn't competing!!!! SUCCESS is achieving a objective.

Actually the definition of SUCCESS has been changed lately. Success now means Competing! This society has seriously become a disgrace! I pity the kids who become a part of such a cruel act. May their soul rest in peace.

PS: Sorry for sucha long comment.. Your post actually made me puke my anger and thoughts about the word 'SUICIDE'. Thanks :)

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Deep thoughts that I could relate so very well to! I lost someone very close and can't help wondering why that step was ever chosen!

Winnie the poohi said...

*sigh* I cannot help but agree to every word you have posted here!

Rashmi said...

the definition of success has changed... it is no more about you being happy with what you do, but with what others percieve as happiness....

Phoenix said...

I do believe that people nowadays seem to have lower tolerance for failure. The fear of failure is so strong that nothing seems greater than it.

JD said...

life is to live, death will find it's way,

and when it does, no one has a say

Zainab Dhanji said...

A typical suvivour's post, advising others to survive too :)

Charakan said...

Good post. As you said there will be signs of depression in those who commit suicide.And many reveal their intentions too to their friends. This post of mine may help you to find out if you or one of your friend is depressed

The Survivor said...

@ Choco

Thanks, I hope this makes a difference.

@ Sujata

Yes, it is so true and still people end up taking the one-way route with no coming back.

@ Adisha

Thanks. There are exceptions. Sometimes individuals just want to be heard without being judged and I guess unless they are sure about that they wont open up.

@ Shwetz

You got that right.

@ Rakesh

Yeah, it does makes one wonder

@ Winnie


@ Rashmi

So True!!!

@ Phoneix

Welcome to LIFE

I agree.

@ JD

Welcome to LIFE

Nice way of putting it in words.

@ Zainab

A typical Survivor's post? I am not sure what that meams, but if this can make a difference I would consider myself grateful :)

@ Charakan

Welcome to LIFE

Thanks Mate. I never mentioned that either I or my friend were depressed did I??

Deepali said...

When I was younger I always felt I'd never understand how anyone could feel so trapped that they thought killing themselves is the only way out. I actually still can't but the thing is that everyone thinks differently. What seems illogical to you and me seems the right thing to do to these people.

I like how you mention accepting failure and tolerance level about society but somehow I feel there has to be more to it than that. If it was so simplistic, then such occurrences would be lesser. I feel that the factors that drive these people to do such things are more internal than external.

I don't know about early signs people give. Haven't known anyone who was/is suicidal but you are quite right in believing that people who have a good strong support system will not do such things.

The Survivor said...

@ Deepali

Yes, the matters are more internal than external.