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May 10, 2009

The Non-Veg Factor

It really struck me odd that a girl prefers to stop eating non-vegetarian food just because her lover belongs to a vegetarian family. While the same is not true for the male who eats non-veg and marries one who does not.

He is either expected to eat outside or order them instead of giving the trouble to his wife who does not eat them. So why is a girl, who eats non-veg prefers to stop eating them when the male does not do so?

I know two such people who gave up eating non-veg as they were getting married into a family which considers eating non-veg unholy. One of them simply loved non-veg, she used to tell how they tasted and how her Mom makes the best prawns dish.

I was surprised when I saw her skipping the non-veg dish and taking everything vegetarian. Later I came to know that she is trying to give up non-veg for the sake of her boyfriend whom she plans to get married.

My contention is why does a girl thinks that just because she is getting married into a family which is vegetarian she should give up her habit of eating non-veg? Would the guy had done the same? The answer is a 99 percent “NO”.

Instead of giving up completely on Non-veg, she could have just avoided eating non-veg at her in-laws house and could have them outside or whenever she visits her mother’s place. If her partner understands, I am sure he would allow that after all she has grown up eating them and such habits die a very painful death!!

It amazes me the kind of “small” sacrifices a girl makes just to keep her boyfriend appease. No wonder people end up doing silly things when they are in love.

I had a small encounter on the same issue with her boyfriend when we were on a picnic and before all this took place. He was standing behind me in our self-service style dinner. As I carried the plate with two empty bowls and filled with a few of every dish that was being kept there. I happened to have put the non-veg dish into one of the bowls and as I moved forward to take the vegetarian dish in the other bowl, her boyfriend standing behind me made sure to tell me that I take care that I do not touch the spoon to the bowl.

At that very moment, I realized what he meant and the only thought that came to my mind was how can an educated man speak like an illiterate!!

So, Gals (who love their non-veg food), beware if you are looking for a relationship or are into one with a veggie boyfriend, take care of the “Non-Veg” factor or else you might end up losing your taste buds for the non-veg food you loved so badly :)))


Preeti Shenoy said...

I know of guys who have turned vegetarian because their girl-friends don't eat meat. So i guess it works both ways. Ultimately its a personal choice and there is nothing like "allowing your wife to o something" or "allowing your husband to do something"--i find that preposterous--after all it is two consenting adults who are involved not kids. Each one has a choice how they choose to live.

Yogesh said...

@ Preeti

I agree that its a personal choice, but somehow I find it weird how sometimes partners dictates terms on others habits something that is not bad either...

Toothlesswink said...

Read my mind.

Zainab Dhanji said...

yet another case which strengthens the fact that 'education barely educates'

The Survivor said...

@ Toothlesswink

Welcome to LIFE

Well I can read many, which one do you want me to?

@ Zainab

Yeah, so true!!!

Adisha said...

That is so true !! Specially in Indian society, it's the girls who are expected to make all the sacrifices, whereas the men can just enjoy themselves. If they Do help out, or sacrifice one should consider themselves really lucky for if their family saw them doing the same it would be like " Beta, you don't need to do this !! " whereas the girls' parents themselves teach them since childhood that sacrifice and cater to every whim of your loved ones....

That's why I totally believe that people should really make sure they are compatible for thse days even when people enjoy sacrificing in the beginning, later it Might get into trouble or feel slighted for it !!

Enjoying your blog .... you're thoughts/ writing style is fun !Am blogrolling you

The Survivor said...

@ Adisha

Welcome To LIFE

Yeah, I agree that partners need to see if they are compatible or else they are heading for troubled road.

Thanks for the honor.