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May 30, 2009

Dev D in Everyone of US

I watched the movie a month back, the Anurag Kashyap’s version of Devdas and it kind of intrigued me in many ways. This also happens to be the first time that I liked a movie based on the famous Devdas character on whom numerous movies have been made.

I could never understand the fascination of the movie industry with Devdas who only annoyed me as he was the only one who was responsible for pushing away his love and then making himself suffer in pain and still when love came in the form of Chanda he choose to make himself suffer over love.

Watching Dev D, I observed something in Devdas that we would often find in ourselves but we may not realize. Though the suffering here was of his own making but there are times when we find ourselves in pain when life’s plan does not goes accordingly with our plan.

How does one react if the love of their life with whom they planned to spend rest of the life left them for someone else, an unexpected twist of fate that leaves you scarred mentally/emotionally and times when things did not went your way when you were expecting it highly?

It’s hard to hold back emotions during these times and act sensibly. How should one overcome the trauma that one is going through inside while on the surface everything seems fine?

As Dev D goes into his drinking binge and drugs, one could see how he shows no signs of overcoming his heart ache. Pain can give one such a high that soon one finds comfort in them and one does not want it to be over with.

I guess we all have our such moments (may be not to such an extent) where we wont let the pain go away and choose to move on. Dev D represents that.

P.S: I liked the way the movie ended with Dev D moving on with Chanda...

I happened to have mention Paro by mistake, Thanks Adisha for clearing it out :)


The Mad Alpha Moggie said...

Kewl, I thought I was the only one who couldn't stand the sight of the character Devdas.
The insight was interesting..Coping with pain is difficult, but, I am not entirely sure if I would want pain to go on no matter how much of a high it gives me...
I would rather swing back into happiness as soon as possible...
My take on things that is...

Adisha said...

People deal with pain differently and each one is entitled to their suffering as much as the way they want to handle it. It's the moving on eventually, giving yourself and life a chance by smiling and living completely is what is important ....

Your ps is kinda wrong since he moves on with Chanda and not paro :)

Shwetha said...

I have always been confused as to why they give devdas sooooo much bhav.. i mean that fellow makes himself sit on nails when GOD's offering him roses. It's like kicking off the opportunity.
Neither was he successful in life nor career nor love. Doesn't it portray that youth who do not succeed in love, should give into drinking n stuff.. ? argh..devdas character is irritating and so is Paro! so much attitude, so much pride.. and finally what she get? a man much older than her, almost like her father, with kids almost of her age! I dont encourage such stories.

ehem.. Your post actually got me back to time when SRK's devdas was created. I was so frustrated... and hence I made no attempts to see the latest version..Dev D! :P

PS: Thanks for this post.. I removed all my frustration on DEVDAS finally!!! :P

Chriz said...

dev d rocks... twists are always welcome..

hope there is a second part to the movie

Choco said...

I haven't seen Dev D. But I really want to. I have seen Devdas though & feel that weak drunk guy has been given far more importance than he warrants! :)

Zainab Dhanji said...

some people do have an appettite for pain. I don't know why, but what i do know is that i am one of them who'd rather opt for suffering thn relief. (Well not all the time but I do that, at times-- for some reason) Opting for pain is a relief in a way, relief from being harmed anymore. Happy people are easier to attack then people in pain, you can pull down a happy soul but a person who is already down, how much more harm can u cause? May be that is why devdas choosed for himself,what he chose.

Although, at the end of the road,when your tears stop to flow and the water dehydrates from your body and you are tired and hungry.. at the point, you do move on and grasp any opportunity to make you feel better.

Kido said...

Dev D... Hmmm... Yet to watch...

The Survivor said...

@ Mad Alpha Moggie

Good for you Gal :)

@ Adisha

I kinda agree with that but it's not that easy. Requires a lot of grit and determination.

@ Shwetha

Yeah, even I thought on the same lines watching the earlier movies on Devdas.

You are getting it wrong, its about a man's ego and lack of trust towards his love, Paro.

As for Paro, she had little choice considering that she agreed to marry someone her parents thought was best for her. isn't this something that stand true even today?

I found SRK Devdas pathetic, watch Dev D and you will know the difference..

Anytime :))

@ Chriz

I agree!!

@ Choco

Watch Dev D it's a must, set in today times, it gives a totally different meaning to the story of Devdas, puts out a lot of questions that needs to be answered...

@ Zainab

Yeah even I end up doing that at times. One ends up in that state when they gave up the controls of their life in the hands of the fate.

Devdas paid the price of his mistake, running away when Paro needed him the most, but I guess he went into so much self-pity that he could not come out of it and see the love of Chandramukhi. Guess first love always remains etched in the heart!!

I don't think, one will be able to make a point out of such opportunity coz they will do anything just to get out of their misery. It's better to move when you have the soul still in the body.

@ Kido

Do Watch it recommended, BTW I hope you are above 18 years :D