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April 17, 2009

Temple, Mosque & Church

One of my friends asked me, about places where one can go for sightseeing in Bombay. I told him about Gateway of India and then I moved on Siddhivinayak temple, Mahalaxmi temple, Haji Ali, Mount Mary, etc.

As I said that, I realized my friend is a Protestant and he would not visit the temple, mosque and the church I mentioned. Out of the blue I asked him a question, would he ever visit a temple or a mosque?

He said he would but he would not pray. I found it surprising considering the fact that we are taught that God is one, so why do we forget them when we grow up?

I am glad that at least he agreed that he won’t mind visiting one, unlike one of my colleagues who years back decided to stand outside a temple as he belonged to a different religion.

I think I am among the few lucky ones to be born in a family where there were no issues on religions. Our temple journey started with Siddhivinayak temple would be followed by Mahalaxmi and ended with Haji Ali. We even visited the Mount Mary Church during the novenas. I prayed in every one of them considered to be the holy places where God resides.

I am not sure what thoughts compelled them to think the way they do, but I guess it has a lot to do the way one has been brought up and how you accept certain things without questioning them. This happens to be one of them.


Winnie the poohi said...

*sigh* true!

Indian Home Maker said...

It has got a lot to do with how we are brought up, we were also brought up to respect all religions- as different means to reach one god.

sadaf said...

i agree with indian home maker its d way our parents bring us up..v blv god is 1 n just have to pray to get our prayers fulfiled whtr its temple mosque o church...we ought to respect al religions...nice post....

Rashmi said...

nice.. and it totaly depends on the way we are brought up. especially our family... i remember an incident where my 10 year old neighbour was slapped by her mom because she ate ganapati prasad at her house...the day we are respectful and tolerant about other religions, the world shall be a much better place to live in

Yogesh said...

@ Winnie

That is the sad part.


I agree

@ Sadaf

Thanks. Guess if we could only remember what we were taught as young ones!!

@ Rashmi

Thank you for dropping by and welcome to LIFE.

Let's hope it can be.