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April 23, 2009

Rahul's Resilience

I really admired the way he hit back at his detractors not with words but with his bat, who thought he is not good enough for the shorter version of the game.

The way Rahul's have been playing in the ongoing IPL league must have silenced his critics who keep writing him off as a "Test" player.

I was annoyed with Vijay Mallya for removing Dravid from the captaincy because his team fail to performed and was dubbed as a “Test Team” in the IPL I. I think Mallya should stick to only doing business and understand that sport is different from running a company.

One cannot expect to win even if it has the best players in the side. There are a lot of other factors that go into winning a match. No wonder Vijay Mallya is doing so poorly in his sporting adventure, his formula one team is yet to make a serious dent, his cricket team has again resided to be on the losing side (though I would like to see Dravid score no matter his team wins or losses).

Rahul Dravid truly is a class player who can play in all forms of the game. His statistics speaks for the same still he is been stereotyped as a test player. I liked the way he said during his MOM (Man of the Match) speeches that players like “me” are given a fair chance to perform in these conditions.

I thought that was an indirect hit on his critics who keep cribbing about his performance in the ODI and 20:20 matches.

I am happy to see Dravid perform and hope that he continues to do so…


Sindhu :) said...

Ah thats nice..

I don't know why is it that people write off a player with one bad performance and then raise him up to a supreme pedestal when he scores a hundred! Crazy

And Dravid has always been a class of his own... and whether people continue to praise him or not, nothing's going to change the fact that he is surely one of the greatest we have had!

Indian Homemaker said...

I haven't been following these matches, (busy otherwise)but I like the attitude you have appreciated. Best answer to most distractors is success, it works in every field!
:) Won't you agree?

Yogesh said...

@ Sindhu

Welcome to LIFE.

That's so TRUE!!!


Thanks :). Yes, I do, the best way to silence one's critics!!