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April 27, 2009

Parents: The Guilty Ones

I often put myself into their shoes and think whether I will do the same what they are doing. When it’s proved that their children were responsible for the crimes they have committed, still they choose to protect them and say their children are innocent and are been framed.

It’s hard to imagine on how they would have reacted if there kids were not the accused but the victims of such tragedies.

To come, think of it, are the parents doing the right thing in protecting their child when they are guilty and what kind of a message are they sending across?

It is such an irony that when a child growing up make mistakes, the parents reprimand them but when they commit bigger mistakes, they are shielded by the same parents who make sure that their child escape the punishment.

It makes me wonder on what goes through their minds when they are aware of their children’s misdeeds and still let them go scot-free. What compels them to take such a decision when they have all the evidence in front of them?

Guess, the parents too needs to be educated on how helping there children go scot-free of the crimes they committed make them the part of the crime too!!


Winnie the poohi said...

Its so hard to be perfect. I guess we will always fail.

As long as we grow n improve, we will bungle along fine :)

Preeti Shenoy said...

Firstly if the child was brought up well the child would never commit a crime (presuming you are talking about crime here). Usually children reflect the parents values--when that itself is flawed how can the children be not?
Cheers and thanks for stopping by

Deepali said...

Unfortunately life is more complicated than just making a choice to go this way or that. At the end of the day you don't want to see someone you love suffer. But yes I think morality should always be higher than feeling. What's wrong is wrong.

I also had a similar thought like Preeti. I think the real challenge happens earlier where you raise a child who will not commit a crime. I don't know if all children reflect their parents values...I don't think I agree with that because by the time you are into your late teens at most, you already are making choices that reflect other things in your life other than what your parents taught you. Some how parents need to teach their children that hurting others is just wrong and should not be done on purpose no matter what.

Yogesh said...

@ Winnie

Its not about perfection but about practicing what you preach.

Coz letting off only make things worse.

@ Preeti

Welcome to LIFE!!

Yeah I do agree, but there are certain times when even good parents have kids which commits such mistakes, how should one tackle that?

@ Deepali

You put that right :)

I completely agree that as a child grow up he/she make their own choices and parents have little influence on that.

Yes a moral responsibility does falls on the children of such parents that they learn the gravity of their crimes and accept punishment for the same.

Saving them for the clutches of justice is only going to make them worse and who knows they may end up a lot worse...