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April 21, 2009

Money: The Problem Without a Solution

“It's good to have money
and the things that money can buy,
but it's good, too, to check up once in a while
and make sure that
you haven't lost the things that money can't buy.”

George Lorimer

One of the ironies of life is some people who have enough of it are still not satisfied, while there are a bunch of people who are praying to God so that they could be blessed with a windfall and get rid of their misery.

One cannot have less of it and more of it too. Money is something that we chase all our lives becomes the motto of some and causes sadness to some.

There are no answers why the rich people keep getting richer, while the poor getting poorer. When I meet people who have enough money and still show their hunger instead of helping others, I wonder if they are planning to take the money with them on their way to heaven/hell.

People keep hopping their jobs because the other company is offering two to five grand more than the company that they have recently joined. Having lots of money can bring a lot of people closer to you. Finding people with real feelings is a tough one. While those who don’t have too much of money often find themselves alone, with little help coming on their way.

The ones you played with grew up and fought, shared everything are turned into sworn enemies because they could not get enough of the money that was divided among them.

One wonders how people in miserable conditions still find happiness while loneliness looms in the corners of the palatial homes where they have no one to talk to.

Many are fooled into thinking that all that has happened was because of money. The truth is that it brings out the real colors of an individual and the importance they give to money and relationships.


rauf said...

What you have written here is human greed Yogesh. Its not money. Money is a altogether a different trap, a different story. How they created fear of non existent God to protect their assets before the police came.
The role of modern day police is to protect the rich. Religion protects the rich. No saint spoke against slavery or slave trade. The saints had to play along the rich.
the story of money is very long.
Poverty did not happen by itself. Poverty was created. And it is still going on. Slavery has not ended, it has taken a different form.

please watch this presentation, it may give you some idea about what is happening now. It is witty and thought provoking.


i am sorry i am not comfortable with comment moderation Yogesh. it is your blog and i have no right make any suggestions how to manage your blog.

Winnie the poohi said...

I agree with rauf.. its greed that you are talking about.. anyhow,, how much does money matter to you ?

Yogesh said...

@ Rauf Sir

I would disagree. Greed is one of the vices that Money brings out in people. I was talking about human mentality towards money and the changes it brings out.

Guess, it did not said what I was trying to...

I'll check out the site later. I am not exactly sure what you were trying to say about comment moderation, would be glad if you could clarify it

@ Winnie

I answered Rauf Sir, I give money the importance it deserves, not too much or not too less.

At least I try :)

Indian Home Maker said...

Money gets a lot of bad press Yogesh :)

But I agree, in fact we even choose careers that get us money not satisfaction. Money can make a happy man happier but a dissatisfied soul will complain no matter how much money they have...

And the more money you have, the bigger your needs. I once attended a Art of Living class and I still remember the question they asked about what will make us happy...

Just think what will it take for you to be happy???

Anonymous said...

Nice post.
You know what I find weird?
How we think about all this (at least I do) when we are down. The moment we are doing well & "Happy" we push such stuff to the back of our minds!

Anyways thinking about it does make us evolve. I hope!

Yogesh said...


Happiness is a mixture of lot of ingredients :). I think what one needs to look for is peace within.

Coz when one is at peace, it does not matter the kind of situations they face, they will always triumph and not be victims of the vices.

@ Choco

Thanks. Yup thinking does helps to get answers.

Deepali said...

Money is very important and anyone who down plays its importance is either in denial or poor.

Sure there are things money can't buy but then what can 'buy' such things? Nothing.

I think if you find reasons to be happy you will find them and if you want reasons to be sad you will find them too. While external things do have a big influence on how we feel, there is still a limit to their influence...that's why poor people can be happy at times and rich people can be sad. Also money is just one small part of the whole deal.

And of course people want more money than they need. Don't we always want more and more of the things we consider good?

Yogesh said...

@ Deepali

Hmmmm.... Too much of a good thing is bad enough.

The importance of money differs from person to person and one can find people who downplays it so that they can keep their family together and peace at the same time.

Its not about being in denial or poor but about maintaining relationships at the cost of money!! I have seen that happen too.

Again, its our mentality towards money that makes a big difference!!