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February 8, 2009

A Giver, Not A Receiver

Ever wondered what you are, A Giver or a Receiver. A Giver who makes it possible for others to realize their dreams, make them feel special, help them when they really need it. The Receiver who is someone at the receiving end of the gifts by the Giver..

I know it is said that when you do something for others, don't expect that they should also do the same for you. Coz that changes the whole definition of the Giver and the relationship changes to that of give and take.

What should the Giver do when they are not reciprocated by others (including & excluding the Receiver). Should they cease to be the Giver and give up when they don't receive the help when they needed when they had problems or some one did not make them feel special the way they want to be. What should they do?

My advise to them is to be what they are, coz the Givers are special people for whom making others feel better about themselves is important especially if they are close. There is word of caution though, don't forget yourself in the process and do take good care of yourself. Don't take the bad experiences to the heart, it only makes you wiser, so go back to your old self and spread the joy around.

BTW, who are you, a Giver or Receiver??


Winnie the poohi said...

If you keep giving soon you will have nothing to give.,.. to maintain the balance you have to receive too! There has to be a balance!

Yogesh said...

@ Winnie

Yeah but sometimes they happen to be your source of happiness.

Deepali said...

I guess we all are givers and receivers at different points in time. But I feel givers are more blessed because they have the ability (even if it is just the mindset to give as much as possible) to give....

Yogesh said...

@ Deepali

I agree that the givers are at a better position considering that they have a choice on what they want to, which a receiver might not realize!!