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April 2, 2008

PETA & Nudity

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is an animal rights organization which keeps demonstrating its protest against the treatment meted out to animals. It is good that someone has decided to stand for the animals who have to suffer at the hands of us (humans).

Though they are doing good work at making people realize that animals also need to being taken care of and look after. They way they make their protest sometime amuses me. There were so many instance when I had seen pictures in newspapers of PETA activists going nude while they protest against the unethical treatment to animals. I can understand their protest, but fail to understand them going nude in more than one instance.

Why does anyone has to go nude when they are protesting? Do they think people wont take notice of such protest unless they show some skin. I appreciate the work that they are doing, but the nudity that comes along turns me off. Come on, you guys are dealing with such a delicate issue, how can one let things go this way as if they are part of promoting a product through commercial gimmicks.

There are ways where one can really make people take notice of the highlighted issues. I believe the best example would be Mahatma Gandhi who happened to toppled the British rule with non-violence and his stayagraha movement. I guess the PETA should learn from this man on how to make people aware of the issues. Showing skin would only attract people who are merely interested in seeing it. This would do no good to the cause. Its time that they get their act together or else people who are really interested in the cause would get disillusioned with it.


Indian Home Maker said...

I think these campaigns might harm their cause, I have seen many people do not approve.

But I still support Peta.

Yogesh said...


I am not against PETA but against their campaigns. It seems more like a skin show than about creating awareness about animal abuses.