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January 3, 2016

The Last Day

I have often found myself at warpath with people who deliberately choose not clear the air in what they speak. This happens mostly with people who are above me and yes in the office circuits.

Its funny how they are at liberty to state what they meant but you cannot put across yours. I guess it has more to do with ego than to state things plainly out in the open or to put it mildly; finding a scapegoat.

The best way to encounter such people is to put everything in writing. There is no escape from it.

When you are doing a favour to someone, they start to act like that you owe to them and keep following up like mad until you are able to put an end to it. Why do people do that especially when they know they are seeking a favour?

The last week of the year had begun and all eyes were set on the last day to usher in the New Year with celebrations.

Whenever an outing is planned and people informed to join in, almost everyone would show their interest. As the day comes nearby slowly one by one would hint that they will not be able to make it. This happens every time when planning with someone other than family.

On the opposite, outing that are planned spontaneously often has more takers than the planned ones. Albeit they don’t happen as much as one would like to.

My observation that people who drink go out more than those who don’t is proving to be correct to this moment.

The one question that I get asked often is what I do among them. All I could offer is that I like to travel and somehow it only happens with people who drink.

After one gets talli, literally everything comes out apart from the vomit to people to talking about their lives or simply just having a ball with their antics. Remember a guy who got taken by free booze at a party that he starting taking his clothes off and dancing that even prompted the DJ to shoot a video of him.

The first day of the New Year was spend sleeping all day after staying awake the last night. Hope that is not how the year passes by…

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