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January 5, 2016

The Daughter's Cluprit

Suraj ran on the empty streets at the light of the dawn when he found himself breathing heavily by the thoughts that were making a run in his mind.

He found himself a place to sit as the thoughts overran him with his jogging.

Breathing heavily, all he could see was his past in front of his eyes that caught up with him in the present and found it difficult to run away from.

It felt like yesterday, when he was watching the movie on his television along with his wife when his 20 year old daughter Anya stood in front of them saying she had something to say.

It shook the very ground beneath them as they listened to her talk and tears made their way through her eyes and she burst into a cry.

His wife Shaila took hold of situation as she consoled Anya. Suraj found himself numb hearing  words her daughter say that she was pregnant.

That night turned out to be the longest night as his mind was filled with thoughts to handle the current situation. He could not believe that his little princess had grown up to carry a child within as he saw playing with her as a little child smiling and giggling.

He searched for the guy who did this to his princess and found that the guy wanted to sleep with her and when she got pregnant, he wanted to abort the child.

Suraj stood in front of the boy's home enraged with anger, eyes shot up. The door was opened by a lady who seemed familiar and he realized that it was none other than Binal.

Binal recognized him and as they spoke the anger disappear into a whiff. He left without telling her the truth behind his visit.

How could he when he was the one who had impregnated her during their college days and got the child aborted. It was as if fate was playing cruel joke on him.

He reminisced his past when he was a playboy sleeping with scores of women making them think that he will marry them but never did.  Binal was one of them and the one he got knocked up. He remembered his relief when he was able to convince her for abortion without her parent’s knowledge.

Suraj was aghast to know that her son did this to her daughter. All he could think of not letting his family know about his past.

Anya was taken to the hospital for abortion along with Shaila, she asked for his forgiveness as she held his shoulder. He hugged her and said to her "It’s not your fault".

As she was been taken away he felt as if he was his daughter's culprit. 

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