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January 15, 2016

I Like You

Rahil was listening her speak on the other side of the phone as he was gathering courage telling Deepa about something that was bothering him.

His heart beat got faster as he paced up and down. As the voice felt silent on the other end, he blurted out “I like you. I like spending time with you”.

She too reciprocated his feelings. Later she told him that her family was in talks for her marriage. He almost stopped telling her he would like to marry her but held himself back.

Silence had crept in as he struggled to get the words out of his mouth. While she wondered on the other end by asking “what happened”.

The awkwardness of the situation went away as they talked it out.

As Rahil kept the phone down he wondered about circumstances being different.

All he could think about was letting her know about his feelings but he knew deep down probably it was best to keep things as it is instead of putting a yes or no question to their relationship.

Meanwhile, Deepa laid on her bed and the thought of him holding himself back intrigued her.

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