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December 20, 2015

The Call Center Guy

I was immersed into the world of imagination as I listened to him & his adventures of a hunter (if you know what I mean). It happened all by chance when a cup of coffee can lead to such a revelation. Albeit, I take it with a pinch of salt knowing that guys will be guys and they like to boast their exploits like anything which can be a figment of imagination . I for one would never believe unless I see some proof.

These days I feel like I have become the call center guy. No I have not joined a call center nor have any girlfriend to spend that much time talking. It just that these professional commitments takes such a toll on my phone that it keep dying on me, thrice to be precise. It reminded me of the talk of my friend who had worked in call center who was so tired of picking calls that when at home, he won’t even pick up the land line ringing.

Old age is considered to be another childhood where the grown ups become kids. I would second that having seen people act like kids to get their work done. One of my recent interactions with one such person proved the point who almost made it a point not to listen to the words that came out of my mouth and insisted that I do as he said.

Why do they have to be stubborn to a point that they end up bullying people to do as they want? At the end, one has to come around to accept the reality. In my experience there are very few people who actually listen and others just prefer to give away their orders like they have earned it.

When I hear about the dating stories of couples, what amazes me on how nowadays girl spends money on the guy instead of the opposite. Have to say girls have come a long way. Its not easy for them to date a guy and make sure that their family does not comes to know about it. I know a girl who does travelling of two hours up & down just to meet her guy. The guy did that once and fall sick....

My work place has been hit with the iphone craze, Almost everyone I know now has an iphone. A colleague bought then another and it spread like a wild fire. All of this was put to an end by another colleague who got the latest model with the highest storage straight from the US. That put an end to the frenzy situation. 

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