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December 5, 2015

Intolerance Around Complicated Love

Last week, everyone was voicing their opinions strongly, condemned others and took sides in almost all of the whatsapp group that I was a member of.

I will be honest that I have never seen people raising their voices even when the nation has been struck with corruption, tainted ministers holding Govt. positions or misuse of public fund or inefficiency of Govt. to work towards the welfare of people. Yes, it did came as a shock when I saw people reacting.

All this happened as Amir voiced his concern on the growing intolerance in the country and the conversation that took place between a husband & wife in the midst of it.

It was good to see people raising their voices, but instead of pay attention to the topic highlighted they targeted the man who said it out loud. From banning his movies to watch to calling him a traitor and what not.

This proves that half information sometimes can end up creating chaos than seeking out complete information to understand the situation.

I don't think anybody tried to find out why Amir said that and in what context. If you are one of those, please do watch the complete interview on this link

Thank god for people's memory as everything soon returned to normalcy and my whatsapp group with its forwarded jokes and what nots...

Why do love have to be complicated? Why is that guys have to bait the girl before telling her that he likes her? Why is there no easy way to it? Why?

There are certain things that I am good at and one of them is table tennis. Had a go at it after a long time and feels good after sweating it out.

Nothing gets better than to end the weekend with bunch of friends hanging out together which happened last week. The irony part, the friend who actually did manage to arrange this was not part of it as his bestie was getting engaged on the same day. 

That brings my attention to another friend who has ditched the second time and would keep everyone wondering if he is coming or not. He will make you think that he will be reaching and then wont turned up. Any reason for doing that?

I would also like to share my appreciation for the municipal corporation for coming with up with the bumpers on road. These bumpers are small in width and height compare to the normals one. If you are driving in night on a bike, you can surely expect a bump when you go through this as they are not visible in ill lighted areas. I did got one...

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