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December 13, 2015

Hide & Seek

I can feel the chill in the air when the wind blows be it day or night. The arrival of winter in a city like Bombay can be felt now but not earlier. Winter season meant only less heat but not this time.

Reminded me of the day as a kid, when I had woke up early in the morning for an NCC (National Cadet Corps) event with my teeth cluttering and the oil on my hair frozen. That was my last recollection of the winter I felt in Bombay.

Hide and Seek was being played out outside my office building. It first started with bike parking that used to happen along the compound walls near the entrance. There happen to be traffic policemen of around 8-10 ensuring that bikes were being taken away and fined people with no proper documentation. It seemed odd given that the road was away from the main road.

This ensured that the bike parking was turned into car parking. Next it was the turn of the illegal eatery stalls that was set up near to the building. Since they are hand in gloves with the local officials, they had ensured that their stalls were not taken away even as a beautification drive was carried out. Next day they are back at their usual places.

Wonder who won and lost….

Not sure how many watched the Olx ad about the husband & wife where the husband sells his car so that his wife can have a car too. She felt her independence was being fringed upon due to her travel woes. Seriously, I think a wife will have more important things to talk about then making her man buy a car to make her feel independent. Comfort food for thought anyone?

I came across a magazine on my desk and wondered if the owner would come forward to take it back. As it laid there for days, I decided to have a peek and read about the “Nyoma Incident” that took place between the jawans and the officers of the Indian army. Never knew something of this nature had taken place and people unaware of it.

Had a farewell of a colleague in the past week and I could not help laugh at the turn of his events. He had put in his papers a month back but yet to get an approval from his manager. Every time he approached her, he would be told to get back later.

Soon the weeks turned into days even as the sight of approval was nowhere to be seen. The irony part was that his day of farewell was announced by his team without no official confirmation from his manager. We chided him to start his farewell speech asking his manager to first approve his resignation.

Anyway, he did manage to get her approval on the last day of the job. Phew!!

Came across this ad during a movie commercial in the theatre and it certainly touch a chord.

Do watch it!

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