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November 16, 2015

Good Over Evil

It was Diwali week and you know it’s around when you see the lighting devices on the people’s balconies/windows and buildings with laterns. Who can forget people on a shopping spree…

Got to see the Marathi movie Double Seat and it’s a heartfelt movie about a family’s struggle to buy a home of their own in the city of Bombay. Do watch it, recommended.

Took time out to read blogs of others something that I have not done for a while. Glad I did it, coz there were a few bloggers who came out of their hibernation.

I connected with my ex colleague who can pen beautiful poems. This was before I started writing. Albeit she has stopped writing & does not mentions the reason behind it. I tried to cheer her up and hope she would write again that would help her get through the phase she is in.

Met a college friend after two years, our place of hangout will be the railway platform. It can be a lively place if you want to watch life moving at its pace or maybe some pretty faces…

Moral choices, do they make you regret later in life and wonder what would happen if you had gone ahead with your other choice. Was it worth making a moral choice? Would love to hear about it....

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