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October 11, 2015

Chicken Pulav & Police Raid

I kept dozing on and off in the moving bus till I saw the time on my watch. I knew I was going to be late to my office.

My mind started working on the excuse that I had to give to my boss as I was coming from Goa to Bombay and going to be late. The other fact being that my colleague was also there besides me, so it was going to be for the two of us.

It happened to be the first time when the bus got intercepted by the police to check if liquors was been transported by passengers. It seemed that few people did carried it along with a permit, yet the police took it and no fine was applied. Found it odd as never come across such raid earlier.

As I tried to get back in my routine life, I read about the killing for beef eating. Sometimes people just end up taking steps they can never take back. All I could think that it was politically motivated given elections were to happen. I did had a healthy debate during lunchtime with my colleagues on it and no one was ready to take a stand except me given that we all were from different religions. Strange times ha!!

There was a time in the week that I felt that there should have been a clone of me just like in the movie Multiplicity and take care of the work that I have in hand. I wonder about the people who say they get up at 4/5 am in the morning, do workout, read and take their time out to get their work done. I would do the same if I had people working for me. I wonder if we should switch places so that they can know what it’s like to do everything on our own.

One of my friends said he was going to bring chicken pulav parcel. So we gave him money to bring for us too. He informed that the rate was 20-30 bucks higher which we were okay with. What we were not prepared when the parcel came in. It was half of the dish we ordered.

I was left with empty stomach even though the pulav was delicious. I think I can have more of it…