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May 17, 2015

Dress Code

I was seated inside my office when the security guard opened the door, looked at me and started walking forward towards me and said “Sir, this is not allowed.”

My only argument was that I was going to leave in two hours so it should be ok. The guard won’t budge and I ended up changing my three-fourth and out came in denim trouser.

This happened when I was going to leave for Lonavala Apparently guys are not allowed to wear knee length trousers even though girls can get away wearing knee length or even shorter skirts even on a formal day wear. Apparently they can also get away wearing causal looking clothes and claiming they are formals.

I happened pose this question to the bunch of boys of why we are not allowed to wear shorts when girls can get away with it. Seemed like a valid point/question.

“Maybe because of the hair” One replied. I looked at my legs again and wondered were the hair on my legs grower bigger than the hair on my head. Yes, I was wearing three fourth that day and it was our unofficial cricket tournament.

Seriously, I wondered hair on legs? I thought having hair on your body was supposed to be a sign of your manhood. Not going to say excessive hair like on Anil Kapoor’s chest. Maybe he is the closest descendant of our ancestors.

Am I supposed to wax my hair now? Will the corporate world would make it a rule that if a man wish to wear knee length trouser, their hair should be waxed. It just made me imagine and yes I screamed when the strip was pulled up from my leg.

Girls are the ones who are supposed to do that to look pretty, not the guys.

Then again in this age of metro sexuality, I have seen guys caring facials creams in the washroom. Friends wondering if they should play in the heat as it will make them go darker. Heard stories of guys hair removal techniques and do at home bikni waxes too.

My next question is, where have the men gone?

That will be another topic. For now I feel discriminated that as men we are not allowed to wear shorts to office. What happened to the law of equality which is tilted towards the fairer sex  :P

The women in the office can only get delighted that we will be their piece of object whom they can check out. Not that we don’t when they wear skirts.

It will be a win-win situation JJJ

Any one there for taking up this cause with the corporate world?

P.S.: This one was long over-due and I am so glad I was able to write on it.

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