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January 1, 2015

The Year 2014

A whole year has gone by and am wondering if that happened in the blink of an eye.

It feels like yesterday when I told my friend that the year had begun and planned for certain goals for accomplishment.

The year was a mix of everything like every potboiler Hindi movie. Be it drama, romance, suspense, thriller and the masala to keep the audience glued.

The highlight of the year will be my visit to the doctors. It must have beaten my no. of records of visit to them in my entire lifetime.

It started with swollen face (which till now is a mystery), dengue, cold, and then ending up getting my skin scraped when my bike skidded.

I have already started to go for morning walks (don’t ask me why I don’t go gym-ing or jog, I am a lazy person so walk itself is a big effort:) ) Hope to continue with it for a lifetime. The best part about going for early walk is that you can listen to your surrounding and yourself in it.

I got to use my bike only this year which I bought at the end of last year due to stupid company policies. It was worth the wait. I am completely enjoying it and loved the road trip to Lonavala. Hope to undertake road trips in the future too.

Another good thing this year brought was an award. I’ll be honest that I always vied for one in the past even had made to nomination list. Realized that it takes more than work to have your efforts recognized. It was completely out of the blue and yes it feels good. Then again they have lost their meaning…

Went on trips after a gap of two to three years and thoroughly enjoyed it. I am wondering if I should have more of drunkard friends now coz they are the ones who are always ready to go as against the ones who don’t. That what my experience says….

The best part of the trip was the planning part, we would consider a place, and then it would keep changing and then would plan somewhere in India and then abroad and finally back to the place considered in the first place. It’s like taking a world tour with your friends and imagination and coming back to the present having fun.

I am a pessimist (comes easily) who has been trying to be an optimist (trust me it’s not easy). I see things practically and I could say my logic is undeniable:). I keep forgetting that I am a human and yes need to see the humane side of it.

Marriage seems to be the buzz word that is doing the rounds. If you are one of the girls who think that they are the only ones who is asked when is the marriage, you are wrong. Guys too end up at the receiving end.

Our Indian society is so worried about singles staying single that they want to see them get married at the earliest.

I also amended my ties with a close friend with whom I had stopped talking for about a year over a small tiff.

I can see positive changes in me and hope to continue that in the future.

Hope you had a great year too and looking forward for the next.

Wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

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