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October 3, 2014

The Blackboard

I am wondering where to begin with….

When your life becomes a big blackboard one can draw anything that they like and will remain so unless you decide to go for something better.

I realize that I have been holding the chalk in my hand for quite some time. Though I have been conscious now that I can draw whatever I want.

The only flaw of the blackboard is that it decides the lines that will stay around it and the rest will disappear as if they never existed.

One does not have any control when that happens. (You should read my earlier post capturing this phenomenon).

I understand that one does not have much of a choice when the lines drawn across disappear in thin air.

It’s when you take a step back and look at the whole picture, you realize that all along the drawing in your mind turned out something different then you visualized it.

I wonder if looking at the picture, you wonder if this was better this way or could have been better.

As for me, I am still wondering as the picture does not look complete to me. I do though have let go of my stubbornness and let the drawing take its own shape into a picture.

I guess I am going to surprise myself when I take a step back and see the white lines making its mark on the blackboard.

Maybe letting the lines grow on its own gets to you and changes your outlook. What do you think?

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