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August 28, 2014

To My Friend

Friends are forever they say but it only sounds good in proverbs not in reality.

To keep in touch with friend, you need time and time is money for some. Even if you make the effort to stay in touch, it’s not necessary that they will too.

With the advent of smartphones, the world has become a smaller place and one can stay in touch with each other on real time basis through apps like skype, whatsapp, etc. The distance barrier becomes a mere line drawn on maps of the world.

Still you will find friends who would choose to disappear on you. No matter you how much you try to get in touch with them.

I have such a friend.

She has gone AWOL on me and my attempt to get in touch has been futile. She had informed me beforehand that she will do that but I took it as a joke….

We had met three years back, when I had resumed from my leave and found a girl wearing a while salwar sitting on my desk. As I went to her and told about it, she got up and sat at a different place.

Turned out she was a new joinee.

Few days later she approached me once when she had a query and observing her I thought she was a quiet one. That was it and we hardly had any interactions on day to day basis.

We had a change in the seating arrangement and she ended up with a desk behind me. 

I take time to open and don’t really recall what lead one thing to another and we hit it off instantly. We could talk on so many topics/subjects that I start to feel that God finally listened to me and have sent some like minded being to mingle with me.

It does feels damn good when you find such a person to talk to as it can be considered as a rare find.

She liked to read books and watch movies that I enjoyed too. We used to end up chatting at the station before we departed different ways.

In a very short span of time, we become close friends say in a span of three months. For me, that’s nothing short of a record for making friends in such a short time.

Like every good things that comes to an end, this too had come to an end. I got moved to a different location and yes, we still kept in touch.

I have noticed that every time a girl becomes a good friend, they drift away from me in such a way that I cannot contact them. This has happened twice in the past. I was seriously hoping this should not be the third time.

If the fate is written, you can only watch it happen not change it.

I met her the time when saw came to my office and thereafter she went on leave, never to return. 

Though we still stayed in touch, she informed me that she is going back to her native place to settle down over there and yes her family was finding a match for her.

She finally did found one whom she said yes. Her marriage got fixed for which I was happy but then she informed me that she hated the idea of being away when the people she knew were here. She indirectly hinted that she might not stay in touch as it would not be easy for her. 

I did tried to cheer her up and informed the ‘importance of staying in touch’ & ‘friends forever’ and thought my words made her understand my point. It was not meant to.

I texted her on her marriage day and then tried getting in touch with her after a few weeks but the numbers were disconnected. There were no replies from her online account either.

I ended up losing my friend.

It’s been two years now that we have not been in touch with each other. I still miss her as she had become one of my closest friends and we had so much in common.

That reminds me that we also had our birthday and year too common.

This is for you my friend, hope you are living your life happily and god blesses you for your wishes and dreams to come true.

Wishing you a Happy Birthday.


Avada Kedavra said...

I could relate to this post as I had many friends who did not stay in touch with me for some unknown reason. I guess lot of people don't believe in "friends forever". For me, any friendship that I make is forever.

Deepika Gupta said...

I can sense what u tried to communicate... That's the irony of life.. We lose those people whom we never want to..