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August 13, 2014

My First Motorbike Road Trip

Ever thought of a travel plan with your friends where you decided what you are going to do and then come back with happy memories.

Except in my case, nothing ever went according to the plan and will be memories that we will use on each other to chide.

It was a routine office day when one conversation let to another and we were conversing on going out on such a good weather of rainy season. Everyone got hooked and places were discussed to go. This went on for quite a few days and finally it was locked on to Lonavala.

The part of arranging transport for our journey turns out to be a tedious one. We were six people and one car was not going to be enough so we discussed on it and renting a bigger car was out of question as budget of the trip would have going high.

As we fixated on the date we were going to depart and confirmation taken from people; that one backed out. It was the guy on whose car we were going to travel started dilly dallying saying he will let us know. We had a back-up car with us but six people were going to be a problem.

Finally, the guy confirmed he will not be able to join. As we worked on an alternative, one of the friends suggested that we go on bikes since three of us had motorbikes. Everyone was game for it and it was decided that we will be going on motorbikes.

To be honest, my heart came to my mouth as I was going to be one of the riders. I have passed through those roads as kid with my Dad driving the car on our way to our native place. Who can forget the ghats? Ghats can be a nightmare if you were not a good driver.

Ever seen a traffic jam on a steep slope where you lose your foot on the break and you will find the shortest route to reach the base of the ghat. Memories of my previous trips came back to haunt me with my inexperience in driving in such roads.

As the day passed by my heart beat started to beat faster than usual. Somehow I managed to get rid of my negative thoughts as I discussed our journey with my friends. Later on, I was looking forward to go on my first road trip on motorbike. I was so excited that I could have left a week early than the scheduled date :)

Got my bike serviced and it was all set to burn some rubber.

The day arrived when we were going to embark on our journey. Before we could leave, one of the bikes got stalled and was nesting on the mechanics garage for repair. Two more people joined us and another friend bought his bike along.

Once it got sorted we began our journey by gassing up our bikes and v roomed our way to our destination.
I was also the official photographer for the trip as I made good of our short breaks in between by taking snaps.

We were supposed to be stuck together while riding but that did not happen. The guy who knew the route would speed away. While I and my friend would tag along, the other bike was nowhere in the picture.

It was supposed to be a two hour ride but we took more than that. We would meet at certain points, get together and then again be on our way.

It was evening when we reached the ghats, the road were not that scary from the one that I had seen. The roads leading up to it were beautiful. We even made a stop on top of the ghat and screamed with our lungs out.

We reached our destination around 8 pm and our journey was still on as we searched for accommodations. The climate was just awesome with chilly breeze blowing.

It was 11 pm in the night when we finally found accommodation and then went for dinner and stayed up late in the night.

The morning was another day to look forward to as we went to sightseeing and had fun which never went the way we expected.

It was in the evening we decided to head back to Bombay as we took with us the adventure of coming on a road trip on a motorbike.

The best part of the trip was one of the biker search for ‘power’ fuel which led him to 10-15 petrol stations but none to fill up his gas tank. He (who was the pillon rider on his own bike) and another friend reached all the way on reserve fuel and it was simply hilarious to hear their both conversations.

I really enjoyed the road trip on a motorbike and this could not have been done any other way. I am waiting for another road trip to happen. I guess there is no turning back ha :)


Deepika Gupta said...

Wow! Sounds like an adventure! Lucky people

Tall Guy said...

@Deepika Thanks. It was completely spontaneous and looking forward for some more adventure