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August 5, 2014

Being Anonymous

I have been holding on to this blog for quite a while now and yes it makes me reminisce about the time when I start blogging and making me realize that I have come a long way as I have grown with my blog getting older….

One of the things that I do end up doing these days is help people draft mails, sometimes to write stinker mails or to reply one :)

Many a times, I wondered if I should be there out in the open along with my fellow bloggers who have been blogging with their real identities and not hiding behind a pseudonym like I do.

When I started, I used an alias probably to test the waters and not get in conflict with people about whom I sometimes have blogged about. Those who have been following the blog must have come across me change my pen name quite a time until I found an apt nick name the “Tall Guy”

In real life too, I have more than one name. My real name is unknown to many of my relatives, friends and neighbors around whom I have grown up and the irony is that despite telling my name to people, they come up with their own version of what I should be called. People who do know my real name don’t know about the other :)

I did give a lot of thought of coming out of the closet though I have nothing to hide (hope you are not able to read my mind).  Probably letting people around me know that yes I can write and yes have my own space on the internet whose rights only belongs to me.

Then again, the benefits of being anonymous outdoes of being known.  The ability of people judging your post basis of what you wrote instead of who you are. May be I am thinking too much about it inside my head but that’s the way it comes to me. It’s what you write that connects you to others.

Somehow letting go of this identity does not come easy to me and I don’t think I will be doing it at least for now. Though the thought does come to my mind from time to time.

Wonder if other anonymous bloggers have given a thought about it. Please do share your thoughts.

P.S. It came as a surprise that the blog is six and half years old and probably one of the things that I have stick too for such a long time.

I did though published an e-book of short stories that was well-received and surprised many :)