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May 25, 2014

The Perfect Crime — II

Milind looked at him puzzled asked “How is that possible? She was sleeping, when I entered the room, I put the pillow on her face and then stabbed on her stomach”

“As per the post mortem results that we have received, she was already dead by almost two hours and that she died of poisoning. Which again could be a case of suicide or someone might have killed her. Do you think, if there was anyone else who could have done it?

Sushil looked at him as he appeared lost in his thoughts. “Do you Milind?” he said that got his attention. “What about the man who was having affair with her? Did you find him?”

“No. We have not found anything that would suggest that she was seeing someone. We checked with her friends, office and we also searched for fingerprints at your home, but there were none apart from yours and Chaitra. So there could be a possibility that she was not having any affair” slowly said Sushil as he watched the facial movement of Milind.

After a silence, Milind said “she was having an affair. I know, I have seen her speaking suspiciously. Telling me that she was going to her mother’s house but wouldn’t be there. There have been several such instances wherein things did not add up. 

“One day I checked her phone when she was taking a bath and she had a message that would tell her where to meet. There were messages which looked like were sent by one who was having an affair with her. Did you check her phone?

“Yes we did but we did not find any such records which looked suspicious” “What about her other number? Did you check that too? He asked.

Puzzled Sushil asked him “which other number?” “She had two numbers. One personal and other official number” Milind replied. “We found only one mobile number and it’s this one” Sushil said as he showed the number saved on his handset.

“It’s the other one; she had said it was an official number which she used for incoming calls. She had a dual sim handset, you will find the sim card in it and then you can probably find the person too”

“Okay, we will look into it. The other thing that I wanted to say to you is that we are letting you go since the evidence states that she had died before your attempt to kill her”.

Milind looked at Sushil for a while and then said “Who killed her then, are we not going to find that out?” “We will. We will also require your help in resolving the case”. He got up, shake hands as he ushered him outside until the constable took hold of Milind.

Inspector Sushant entered the room as Milind left and said “Sir, do you really believe that he did not kill his wife?” “Well, only time will tell. We just need to wait and watch till he makes a mistake. After all no crime is perfect” Sushil said as he got up and both walked out of the room.

Been released from the jail, Milind entered his home which remain untouched in his absence finding everything in its place as it emanated strong smell of being kept closed.

He opened the windows, moved away the curtains as the light of the moon entered his home. He went inside his bedroom and sat on the very bed in which he killed his wife.

He looked lost in thoughts as his body appeared numb for a while and then he got up to take a bath. As the sprinkler hit his face with water, he could feel the rush of the water but that did not stopped the thoughts that lingered over his mind. The happy memories of Chaitra would come to his mind.

Why, why would she fall in love with another man, was I not taking good care of her was the question that was wielded into his heart as a knife. Tears stared flowing through his eyes even as the water splashed his face.

He came out, wore a t-shirt and shorts and called up his mother to inform her that he was released and at home. “Do you want me to come? I don’t think you should stay alone.” His mother said. He pacified her and said he would manage and kept the phone as he lied on the bed.

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