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May 1, 2014

My Dad My Hero

“Papa, I want you to show something” Shantanu said as his tiny hands tried to hide it behind his back. 

Chintan looked at his innocent face and asked “What is it beta?” A sheet of paper came out of his back as he handed over to him to look at it.

It was the drawing of Chintan flexing his muscles while young Shantanu stands away from him with a big smile and saying “My Dad My Hero” in big lettered words.

Joy showed up on his face even as Shantanu looked at him and asked “Do you like it?” He took him on his arm and said “I love it” as he kissed him on his forehead.

“Dad, you pay the man his money back”. “I don’t like any one screaming at you”. He watched his son speak and moved his hand across his hair and hugged him tight. “Yes I will. I will pay him back”.

Earlier in the day, Shantanu was playing with his friends in the compound when they heard the commotion of a man screaming.

They went to investigate the noise and found one of the men accompanying Shantanu’s dad screaming at him.

“I want it back. I do not want any excuses. Next time I won’t be alone, there will be more people and I will beat the shit out of you” he yelled at the top of his voice.

Shantanu watched the whole fiasco and hid behind the tall child as his father looked at their direction, stood there for a moment and then walked inside.

That night as Chintan put Shantanu to sleep; he could not help getting touched by his kid’s gesture. He vowed to himself that he would become the hero he wanted him to be.

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