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December 4, 2013

The Misfit

Very recently one of my close friends confided into me how he sometimes finds himself at loss of words during an argument even when he knows he is right.

He could think of the wittiest words that he could have said to the other person post the argument. It stands true for most of us wherein words fail us when we need it the most.

 He also informed how he was trying hard to adapt to the reality where he has found himself taken for a ride for being a nice guy. It made me wonder if we all are trying to fill up the so called imperfection in us that makes us unique or stand out among others.

It is not his fault, sometime one just ends up as a misfit if one does not follow the rule of the jungle “Survival of the fittest”.

Let’s be honest and accept that not everyone is cut out for the rat race, some just choose to be in it so that they can have a livelihood.

These are people who are immune to the realities of the world and go by the goodness inside their heart. No matter how many times they have been let down because of it, but they still follow their heart maybe hoping they can change a person or more.

The goodness exists in each one of us but seldom do we look inside ourselves to know our true self.
We keep forgetting that life is not just about earning a livelihood and running it coz if you are doing that you have not experienced life.

It’s about the small experiences that make you what you are today. Those moments of happiness, excitement, sadness and despair that stays fresh in your mind as memories.

Money can certainly bring you ways to buy happiness but not of the kind where the true feeling of people around reflects their care for you.

Unfortunately many of us find ourselves trapped in the loop of trying to live up to the expectations of the reality around us rather than finding the true meaning of what life holds.

We need to remind ourselves that we are born as humans to experience life that happens only once. Unless you are the one who believes in reincarnation but won’t have any recollection of your past lives.

I told my friend that he cannot make himself adapt forcefully and he needs to observe, learn and accordingly adapt to situations. Time is a teacher which makes one learn the hard way when we are not ready to learn the truth which is in front of us most of the time.

He is not alone in his quest to make himself equipped to face the reality. We all do in our ways, it’s just that some are good at hiding it and some are not.

What we should not be forgetting is that we live only once and the experiences of life remain with us for a lifetime….

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evanescentthoughts said...

Loved this post. I so agree with everything you have written. I find it hard to face people sometimes too, especially those I know are clever and sometimes cunning.