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September 27, 2013

Cougar Love

“Think about it” said Anita as she left Sushma alone to ponder.

The past two days as she went about her morning walks, her eyes were in search of someone desperately and were not like her normal morning walks.

Sitting in her office, her mind kept overworking about absence of Neel during his morning walks. She wondered if he too got the drift about what was going around and decided it’s best to end this relationship. All kind of thoughts kept coming even as she kept staring at the mails that awaited her reply.

They had met during their morning walks when she had sprained her leg and he helped her. One thing led to another and they became good friends who would end up having long conversations. As they lived nearby, they would often provide each other company in one another’s house.

Everything was going fine, until one day on her routine morning walk, she heard another walker telling her friend about how she was trapping the good looking young Neel in her love trap.

Her world had come shattering down when she heard about the gossip that going around about her and Neel, all of which made her wondered about her relationship with Neel.

She considered him a good friend and enjoyed her time with him and would miss him when there were days they did not spoke.

Her mind raced into the past looking for clues to know if there was more to their friendship. Lost in her thoughts she stood in front of the mirror going through minute details of her looks and figure as she imagined Neel besides her.

“Love can happen at any age, it does not see who it falls in love with” said Anita to her whom she had confided about the rumors going on and about her feelings.

“Age is not an issue as long as you both know that you are in love and this what you wanted”. However she also warned her that our society has not matured enough to accept the thought of an older women falling in love with man younger to her. “Think about it” she said and left.

That evening, even as the television played out in front of her, she stood lost in her thoughts when the ringing of her mobile and flashing of Neel’s name on the screen got her attention.

He informed her that he had to go on a sudden business trip and hence his disappearance. As they chirped along lost in their conversations, she decided to keeping her feelings wrapped until the right moment came along…

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