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June 12, 2012

Define Love

She said she loved me and when asked in return I said I don't know  she left.

Love can mean different things to different people and yet we all think it means what we say.

Will saying those words make a difference when inside one knows what the other feels.

Does is it have consoles the heart to hear those words even when one doesn't mean it.

There are times when it takes the three words to built a world around and then times when no words can complete what one feels for one another.

Love can be everything and nothing, but what it means to you matters the most.

So you think you can define Love?


Zeebs said...

Love is a blind whore with a disability and no sense of humour.

meena iyer said...

One cannot define love. Its like trying to fit the sky inside your window :)

Tall Guy said...




Very True!!

It good to see you once in a while here.