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May 7, 2012

Waiting for You

I was waiting for him to come and join me and kept looking at the watch as time passed by.

Every time I spoke with him, he was busy with one thing or another. Had the time for others but none for me.

Waited for the weekends to come, so that we could catch up. Those days were also spend busy in other stuff or doing household chores.

Then he came to me when he was feeling low, when he needed me the most. As a true friend I was there to sort his issues and he want back to his old days as he deserted me one more time.

P.S. That how my conscious is feeling right now given that I hardly give myself the time. Have been super busy. Anything more than at least one chore/task a day can really put the pressure on this lazy guy. No one listens to me these days :(

There has been a change. I am trying to listen to my conscious but it can be a lot harder for a lazy guy like me :) 

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