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April 18, 2012


Another day gone by and the week to go. Lost count of the days gone by.

These days I feel like I am one of the cops making an investigation into almost everything but with the exception of thefts and murders. To add touch of realism the organization actually behaves like a sarkari daftar, where one keeps knocking on almost everyone doors.

I find changing oneself to be hard or to inculcate a new habit. I have tried my hand at exercise, yoga, meditation, etc. Do it for a few days religiously and then back again to square one. It does take a lot of will to do something different and to stick to it.

One’s mind always acts like a villain in the movie which will never let you it easily. No wonder when one accomplishes it, it feels good more like defeating the one bad shade of yours.

Apparently my case falls in neither. I believe sleeping beauty was actually a story about a prince instead of a princess but the story changed to target the touchy emotions of the mass female audience. Poor guys, we never get the credit for anything expect when it comes to point fingers.

These days I am experimenting on faith and trying to take a leap of faith. I have done experiments most of my life. In fact even gave myself an electric shock.

I realize and do believe that life is all about experience and yes one should always try out the path they would not like to take. Life can always go either ways but walking in the path that one wants has its own fun.
Seriously its times like this when I feel I can be the Yogi Baba sharing the philosophical gyaan. Hope my bhakts are listening, please donate as I would also like to hold my pravachans across India, be on TV for my bhakts and lastly but not the least make some money. Mil batke khayge J

Any one listening?

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