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April 23, 2012


What a day, it turned out to be. Full of excitement that begin in the morning and lasted till the evening.

I find the human mindset and mentality really very interesting. When pushed to a limit or a choice is given between being selfish or selfless, how one reacts and one can see the changes in color.

Saw three idiots movie again. If one looks around, no is looking at solving the problem. Everyone is just busy get the monkey off their backs and move on. Unless the problem becomes bigger to handle that a solution is sought or else it remains dormant.

How many of you are a dreamer. Live in your dreams to make it a reality. Not about chasing goals but using imagination that brings out one’s creative juices to do things differently. Everyone does that but only few realize that.

My creative juices are on a high but right now am stuck with monotonous work that keeps me busy. What about you, how do you use your imagination?

Monday, always happens to be my hangover days, I don’t know why but it happens to be. I guess it’s more of a Monday blues. Would have been so better na that after the weekends there is no Monday. J

Heard somewhere that Bill Gates prefer to hire lazy people coz they are known to use better ways to get things done. Mr Gates here I am, where are you? J

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