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April 22, 2012

Day XXI Hard work

Sitting in a training session; the director of human resources asking the people sitting in front of him, the reasons behind a successful career.

People raise their hands and tell all kind of points and then one of them says “hard work” and somehow it only received a nod from him.

Isn’t it obvious these days that hard work is not considered the “it” trait that it was earlier.

Today the jingoism that goes around; is of working smart (whatever that means) and putting up a good show in front of one’s superiors even if one does not put that much of an effort.

Standards have fallen down and its more about who moves up quickly up the ladder rather than who is performing better. Do let me know if you think otherwise.

Know someone who would not stoop to such levels to move ahead and the only skill set that he knows is of hard work. Would even leave his job, but find the same mentality all around.

Can’t blame him, too much has changed. It’s what one can do for others rather doing things right that matters.

These things don’t and won’t change so a change in one’s outlook is necessary something that I too find hard to digest but it’s the reality.

Not advising to succumb to the trap but find a middle where one’s morals can co-exist without breaking it. Remember bend the rules don’t break it.

Work is something I religiously try to avoid mentioning on this blog but seeing his plight(which he did not express but I got the point), I could not resist.


sur said...

I agree to your point that standards have fallen and its more about who moves up quick than a better performer. however,handwork alone is n't enough, it's all about right efforts, right plan and right shot at right time. secondly, do your part leave the rest, world is bias and we have no option other than to live with it. so hail, :)

Tall Guy said...


Don't think everyone will agree with it especially when one goes through it.