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April 20, 2012

Day XX

The weekend comes and gives me some big time relief. It’s the only time of the day that I can actually give some time to myself.

Cannot run away from the reality after all its just a phone call away, isn’t it J.

If one wants see madness in life, see people boarding the crowded buses in the early morning and that gives one a fair idea.

Does the heart belong to only one, or it has place for more. I think it has your thoughts please. I think we are almost compatible with everyone given if there is a right timing to it but then again chances of that happening are rare right.

This week has been a heart breaking week. Crushes breaking my heart with the news of some being married and others in line. Fate can be very cruel at time not giving you chances and bringing a twist. Thankfully there are others to look up to.

How can a dreamer weave their life around reality? If you have the answer to that, do share it.

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