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April 19, 2012


I almost or should I say did played the role of Mosntilal from Office Office today running here and there. Man, I only thought only govt. officers were good in this and now I am proved wrong at this and even private companies can be worse. Can you believe this happen to one if its own employee?

From the past two days had been hearing only about weddings, some got married and then some on their way. Guess its look like people are busy on their way to get hitched. Good luck to them.

I am thinking hard on what further I could add up for the day. Apart from the face that I am sleep deprived. People don’t really listen these days, one need to grab their attention by giving them a shock. I did that today and the reaction was good.

Have got a glimpse of IPL, thanks to Rahul Dravid for whom I try to watch when his team plays. Have immense respect for that man.

I don’t understand people’s craze for Formula One. I did saw it to understand the madness behind. Who has the patience to watch cars moving around from 60 to 70 laps?

Guess that will be all for today. Going to sit and finish some work. :) 

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