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April 16, 2012

Day XV Survival

As he woke up, he found himself caged by bars surrounding him all round limiting his movement. He tried and tried and after days of trying was able to bend a few bars to get out of the cage and run. Run for his freedom and through the clutches of the unknown.

As he stride ahead, his steps were halted by huge walls in the midst of the forest and as he walked along the walls, he could not found an exit but a trail to where it all began.

As days passed by, he made the cage his home and kept making weapons to break the wall. Each time he failed he would go back and make stronger weapons.

Until one fine day, he was able to break the chunk of the wall, which gave him enough confidence to go for the rest. As the wall was brought down, he could see the path that laid ahead that took him to the river with a boat awaiting him and sail to the unknown path with uncertainties lying ahead as he struggled for his survival.

Isn't this true for ourselves too where the cage represents our own thoughts of limitations and the walls meaning the fate of life. Opportunities and life can happen at the same moment but it happening at the right moment makes the difference.

Do let me know your thoughts….

P.S. Have you seen the movie "Pyar ka Panchnama (question for gals), this is probably the first movie showing the guy's point of view. After all gals have their serials to support. Would love to hear a gal's view on the movie.

BTW, don't really get people saying to each other "babu" what the hell does that mean.

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