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April 13, 2012


If one has visited this blog or have been around for some time there is something that I wanted to change. It happened to be my work life.

I have been a recovering workaholic and with the amount of work that I am doing these days it goes even beyond that. Work is something that I avoid to mention in my blog. Apparently this is the only thing or should I say am doing all the time right now.

Why is it when one decides to do things different, that fate decides to play truant.

This time however I am looking at things at differently. Understand that one cannot do much beyond a certain point. Take everything as learning. There is no point in thinking that one did not do enough. Always look at the positives.

I know I am been preachy and boring here. What to do? :(

What would it take to change the mindset of people still treating you like a kid. My siblings and relatives do that. I am not sure what I should do to change that.

Heard of the earthquake in Indonesia and the possibility of tsunami coming aftermath. The funny part was looking at the news when cops at patrol wanted people to move away from the beaches of Chennai and they still stick around to catch the first glimpse of it.

It’s been weeks that I have touched my guitar today. Hope this weekend will lessen the distance between us. The weekend is something that I am looking upto as have lot of things to take care of including shopping.

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