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April 12, 2012

Day XI

There are days when one just don’t want to get up and but still goes. Then miracle happens. The noise dies down and slowly the silence takes over. As one gets attuned to the silence, the miracle started.

Today happened to be that day. Simply enjoyed the silence so much that I actually stayed back at work willingly J

Gals simply want to have their way. I am in touch with a gal professionally and my, she knows all the right buttons to get her work done through talks. Then again I am smart enough to not find myself fooled by it. Apparently we are fighting all the time and it makes me wonder if we are couple without in a relationship.  

Why is it that when good things happen to one, people come to you from everywhere but not to be found before.


Bharathi said...

your posts are becoming smaller day by day .. just saying :)

Tall Guy said...


I agree. Hardly get the time to write post these time. Still take time to post it. So bear the same please :)