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April 9, 2012


I have not been able to do justice to my blog here. I hardly take out the time to write.

Finally when I do, I am heavily intoxicated with sleep resting on my eyes, waiting to just have  my eyes closed and put me on the trance of sleep. To avoid that I took the time out specially for my blog out here today J

Today the highlight is love marriage. No matter how happy the love birds will be once they are given the consent to bind themselves with wedding vows, for their family it’s a uncertainty followed by anxiety especially when over the years one has to attend each other functions. Trust me; the initial days are not that easy.

Read about the news about a biker getting killed as a BEST double decker bus fell on him. That guy was supposed to getting married in the first week of May. One can never know how fate can strike. The irony of all this is that driver got a suspension. Do they believe that life once gone can be returned?

I know someone who keeps saying that if you tell the truth as it is, no one listens but a little salt and pepper and you have an audience. I agree with it. What do you think about it?

It’s funny the way the siblings have a talk together, one keeps talking about their own story and still it’s supposed to be a talk J Does that happens with you guys.

A small child in the house can bring so much happiness and it stops at that till they start growing up. L

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